Daughter’s Initiation into Incest

Minister Harper was listening to two of his parishioners’ marital problems. After forty minutes, he decided to suggest something rather radical. “May I be blunt with you two?”

They both nodded, “Of course, Minister Harper.”

“James, you want your wife to be more spontaneous in the bedroom, correct?”


“And Eleanor, you want him to be more passionate and open, correct?”


“Tomorrow is Halloween,” Minister Harper began.

“Don’t you mean Fall Festival?” Eleanor corrected, surprised to hear him refer to it as Halloween without mentioning Satan’s birthday.

“Correct, in Angelwood it’s Fall Festival, correct,” he nodded, thinking of how wholesome he had made the small town since coming here ten years ago. “But in Rockwell, it’s Halloween and I am suggesting you two go out on the town for the evening and go to Mr. Hamilton’s Halloween bash. Dress up sexy, Eleanor. James, hold her hand in public, kiss her, show her you still find her attractive.”

“Really?” Eleanor said. “But Rockwell is so….”

The minister interrupted her. “Rockwell is a good place, with a few misguided individuals. That said, the Halloween party held by Mr. Hamilton is always a very good time. We have been going for years, after the activities here have been completed.”

“Really?” Eleanor asked again, shocked that the Minister would go to a Halloween party.

Ignoring the question, he continued, “Eleanor you are a very beautiful woman and I have to agree with your husband, you hide it very well.”

“But I’m trying to be a proper lady,” she pointed out.

“I understand,” he nodded, “and it’s likely partly my fault because I talk about temptation so much. But when a man and a woman love each other, you must be willing to give yourself to the other completely.”

“Okay,” Eleanor agreed tentatively, although still skeptical.

“Eleanor, I see your hesitation, and that’s why I made the suggestion to go to Rockwell. Dress up as a sultry nurse, wear thigh high stockings, and get a bit wild. Recapture the lust you two once had for each other,” he continued, knowing the advice seemed so contradictory to his hell and brimstone sermons.

James took her hand and added, “I still remember when I first saw you in that Batgirl costume back in college,”

Eleanor blushed.

“Relive that moment,” Minister Harper suggested.

“Okay,” Eleanor nodded.

James stood up, “Thank you, Minister Harper.”

“Yes, thank you,” Eleanor agreed, a spark of her youthful sexuality beginning to show.

“Enjoy the night and, for one night, just do what comes naturally,” Minister Harper finished, before adding, “And James, I’d like to meet with you one on one someday soon.”

“Okay,” James agreed, although not sure why.

The couple left, hand in hand, and as soon as the door closed he groaned, “Straddle me, slut.”

The eighteen year old high school student, head cheerleader and daughter of Eleanor and James took the Minister’s cock out of her mouth, her jaw aching, from having been slowly sucking him, and having already swallowed one load during the almost hour long session.

She had listened intently to her parents’ marital problems, including discussion about her, all the while slowly sucking the Minister’s nine inch cock. She had almost gagged when the first load surprised her, as it exploded in her mouth, yet she swallowed it all and continued sucking as instructed before her parents arrived.

Not wearing panties, as instructed, and with her plaid skirt hiked up, she straddled the Minister’s erect massive rod and lowered herself onto it obediently. The Minister was hot for a man in his late forties, he had a huge cock, bigger than any of the college boys she had fucked, and he knew how to make her squeal like an insatiable bitch in heat.

“So, did you learn anything?” Minister Harper asked, as he leaned back in his chair and let the pretty blonde bounce on his cock.

“A loooooot,” the beautiful blue eyed blonde cheerleader Katie moaned, as all nine inches filled her wet, wanton, cunt.

“I bet if you want to fuck your Dad, he wouldn’t resist, especially based on how frigid your mother has become,” he said, a seed he had planted a couple weeks ago after coating her face with cum during a marathon session where he fucked all three of her holes.

“I donnnnn’t know,” she moaned, the idea so taboo and morally wrong that it made her even hornier. Fucking a Minster was taboo and hot, which got her off, but the idea of fucking her own father was a whole other level of taboo…not one she was sure she could do.

“I think you do,” he countered, knowing that young sluts like her would do almost anything if pushed to it, if given the right motivation…in this case, his cock.

“Would you fuck Eve?” She asked, throwing the incest thing back in his court. Eve was the Minister’s very wholesome daughter, who was oblivious to the long line of teenage and MILF sluts who were regularly riding her father’s cock.

Eve was equally oblivious to the many boys who, with regularity, fucked her mother, often while she was home, or to the few bi girls or lesbians who occasionally ate her mother’s cunt. Ironically, Eve was one of the few oblivious to the naughty secrets of the community.

The Minister laughed, because he had plans to take his daughter’s cherry tomorrow, “Let’s focus on you, my little cheerleading slut.”

“Kkkkkk,” she moaned, now riding with reckless abandon on his big thick cock, taking all nine inches as deep as humanly possible, as she began simultaneously rubbing her clit as she knew the inevitable eruption of lust was about to hit.

A couple of minutes later, her orgasm near, the Minister lifted her up effortlessly, bent her over his desk and slammed his cock into her tight ass. The first time she had gotten ass fucked she thought she would die, but after weekly fucks, she loved it in the ass and came the hardest when used as the slut she was, the slut the religious leader had created. “Oh yes, fuck my asssssss,” she screamed, as her orgasm came after only a few strokes.

“Do you think your mother would take it in the ass?” He asked, the idea of taking the rather prudish mother of three and making her an ass slut was a turn-on. In truth, every conquest, every transformation from upright wife to on their knees begging to suck his cock, legs behind their ears as he slammed his cock in their cunt, screaming to the heavens above as he took their anal cherry and coating their pure, sweet face with a sticky rocket of his cum, was the most exhilarating thing ever. Every seduction was different, but every result was always the same. A women willing to do anything, anytime, to serve have his cock in any of their three fuck holes.

“I beeeet you could couuuld convince heeeeer,” she struggled to get out. Her body pulsed with intensity as her orgasm hit and he continued slamming deep into her. She recalled how he had convinced her to not only offer her ass up to him, but had her begging to be sodimized for the first time, something she wouldn’t let any of the college boys do to her.

Yet, his cock was like a magic wand and once you saw it, had it in your hands; you wanted it in your mouth; once in your mouth, you wanted if in your cunt; and once in your cunt, you eventually wanted it in your ass. His strong persona, confident demeanour, sexy smile, and firm tone were utterly irresistible, which was proved by the lengthy list of married woman who had given him access to all three holes (most who were true Christians and morally upright ladies) and the plethora of teenagers and college girls who had lost their anal virginity to him.

“Maybe I’ll make her my personal slut for under my desk,” he groaned, as his second orgasm was getting close and he continued fucking her ass even as her juices flooded out of her cunt. The idea of adding the slut’s mother and then eventually making the two lesbian lovers was, as usual, appealing. Although Eleanor dressed and acted very conservative, a perfect church going loyal follower, he knew that he could turn her into a submissive slut like he had her daughter and so many of the other fine, upright, women of his seemingly religious community.

“Nooooo, that’s my job,” she whined, loving that she was clearly his favourite slut, the one he called upon the most; although she was oblivious to his other favourite slut Beth or that he planned to add his crowning achievement, his shy, naive, daughter, to his growing harem of submissive cum buckets tomorrow during the Fall Festival.

“Well, be a good slut and seduce your father,” he instructed, loving to see good girls turned to sluts, sluts turned into anal loving whores and anal loving whores willing to commit incest just to please him. There were already five families regularly committing incest in this small town and all of that had started because of him. He could see through a woman’s prude exterior, her training of propriety she had received her whole life, and see the inner slut, the bad girl, who was begging to be released. A sixth family, his own, would be added to the growing list tomorrow once he added his daughter, who was turning eighteen on Halloween, to his lengthy list of submissive sluts.

“Kkkkkk,” Katie agreed mindlessly, knowing she would do anything to please him, to stay his favourite, to regularly get his big cock.

“Tell me what you plan to do,” he demanded, continuing to ream the cheerleader’s ass so hard, the desk began to move. Wanting to get even deeper into the cheerleader’s tight ass, he lifted her left leg onto his desk onto his desk. He loved to be able to touch and see the silk stockings on her leg which often was the final straw to getting him to shoot his load…especially since he already deposited one big load down her throat only half an hour ago.

“I’ll seduce my daddyyyyyyy,” she declared, the idea turning her on now, plus she would do anything to keep getting fucked by the Minister.

“Good slut,” he complimented, before asking, “Does my slut want my cum?”

“God, yes,” she screamed, knowing that screaming the Lord’s name only enhanced her devilish act, and desperately wanting to feel him come in her ass, in her cunt, down her throat or all over her face. The dirtier the act, the hotter it was and the more intense her orgasm was.

“Here it comes, my dirty Christian girl,” he declared, as he spewed his first rocket of cum in her ass tight ass. Pulling his cock out, his cum squirted everywhere: on her stocking-clad legs that she always wore as instructed, on her beautiful shaved cunt, onto his desk and even, ironically, some landed on his Holy Bible. He slammed his cock back into her ass, loving the feeling of his cum spraying in a tight ass and everywhere else.

“Yes, fill my ass with your cummmmmm,” Katie screamed, loving the feeling of being filled with cum in any of her three fuck holes…a term she now used at the insistence of the Minister.

After a couple more deep pumps, the Minister pulled out, spun the slut onto her knees and fucked her face so she could retrieve any last remnants of his seed.

Katie slowly bobbed on the big cock, loving the combined taste of his cum and her ass juices, knowing that he enjoyed a slow milking once he had come.

“You really are a good slut, Katie,” he complimented, putting his fingers through her hair.

She moaned on his cock, a sexy thank you as she continued slowly bobbing back and forth, worshipping God through the Minister’s cock.

A couple minutes later, he pulled his cock out of the eager cocksucker’s mouth and instructed, “Now, go clean yourself up and head home.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed, standing back up and scooping the cum off the desk. “Hmmm, missed some,” she said, before, like a good slut, she put the cum in her mouth.

“There’s some on the Bible too,” Dylan pointed out.

Katie leaned down, her perfect ass on full display, and licked the cum off the Bible. Dylan’s cock flinched, but he wasn’t ready for a third deposit at the moment…even though it was tempting.

“Now, go start the plan to seduce your father,” he ordered.

“And you start your plan to seduce my mother,” she countered back.

“Already in motion,” he nodded, the earlier request for a meeting with just her part of the plan.

“Delicious,” she nodded.

“The plan or my cum?” he questioned.

“Well, both of course,” she smiled devilishly.

Once she was gone, Minister Harper finished up some paper work and headed home, his plan to give his daughter the ultimate eighteenth birthday present already under way.


“You want me to wear a devil costume at the Fall Festival?” Eve asked, looking at the rather skimpy all red attire.

“Yes,” her mother nodded. “It’s part of your father’s plan to cleanse you from the misfortune of being born on the devil’s birthday.” Eve’s mother wasn’t lying, but the cleansing that her husband had in mind was going to be very shocking to her naive daughter.

“Okay,” Eve nodded. She had been told for years that on her eighteenth birthday her father planned to correct the misfortune fate brought upon her by being born on the devil’s birthday by performing a ceremony that would cleanse any potential sin that lay in her. Eve, knowing that the devil’s sin could be buried inside her, had done everything she could to lead a wholesome life. She had never dated a boy, even though many had been interested and had spent her entire life walking in the footsteps of God.

“Tomorrow is a big day,” her mother, who was an older replica of her daughter, declared.

“I can’t wait,” Eve said, very excited to have the demons that may be inside her exorcized, so the temptation of sin would no longer consume her…a temptation that had grown over the past few months. Although she hadn’t been with a boy, she often fantasized about them. Her vagina would tingle with need and she would have to really focus on not wanting to touch herself. Yet, she knew it was just the devil tempting her, and that rationale was all that was needed to resist the constant temptation.

Her mother smiled as she offered, “Now go get the table ready for dinner, your father should be home any minute.”

“Yes, Mother,” her sweet, obedient daughter agreed.


That night, Minister Harper, as he always did, came to kiss his daughter goodnight. After kissing her forehead he promised, “By midnight tomorrow, my dear, you will be completely free of the chains of sin.”

“Oh, Daddy, I can’t wait,” his naive daughter replied.

“Me neither,” he replied, knowing tomorrow he would turn his little girl into a woman.


In his bedroom, his submissive wife waited on her knees by the side of the bed for her husband to arrive. Dressed in a school girl outfit, one of five she rotated every day to please her husband’s constant fantasy at bedtime, which included her wearing thigh high stockings and putting her hair in pigtails, like her daughter often wore. She patiently waited for the fucking she anticipated she would get the night before her daughter’s initiation to sexual submission.

Minister Dylan Harper walked into his room, went up to his beautiful, submissive wife Lilly, dropped his pyjamas and shoved his cock in her mouth. “So close,” he began, as he started fucking his wife’s face.

When he pulled out after a couple of minutes, Lilly asked, tasting pussy on her husband’s cock, “Is this Beth’s or Katie’s cunt juice on your dick?”

Dylan laughed, “You do know your pussy.”

“That’s not an answer,” she teased, stroking her husband’s cock.

“Do the two taste similar?” He asked, as he pulled up his wife.

“Not really,” she shrugged, “they are just your two favourites.”

He laughed, as he pushed her onto the bed, “You do know me.” He decided he would have Beth, his daughter’s best friend, and most recent addition to his teenage slut club just a few weeks ago, be a part of tomorrow’s seduction of his daughter.

“That I do,” Lilly agreed, annoyed he didn’t answer the question, as she got on all fours knowing that her husband loved to do her doggy style…the only question was which hole he planned to fuck.

“Tomorrow you get your own live-in pussy pleaser,” Dylan said, as he climbed onto the bed behind her.

“I already have lots of eager pussy pleasers,” Lilly pointed out, having been eaten by the principal of the school earlier today while she was there for a PTA meeting.

“Who munched your cunt today?” He asked, as he positioned his cock at her ass.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Lilly teased, wiggling her ass teasingly on his cock.

“It’s Thursday, which means PTA meeting, which likely means Principal Peck,” he deducted, as his cock slipped inside her very tight back door.

“Ohhhh, God,” she groaned, even after all these years of getting sodomized (the first time being her own father when she was nineteen, beginning her life of submission to the men she loved), the initial penetration still caused a slight burn.

“That’s it slut, praise The Lord,” the Minister remarked, as he slid all nine inches inside his wife’s well fucked, yet shockingly still tight, back door.

“”Thank you, Lordddd,” she moaned, loving giving herself completely to her husband as the Bible states in Ephesians 5:22-24. ‘Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything’. The God fearing wife had read that passage thousands of times when her pussy wasn’t on fire and pondered if God really wanted her to seduce teenage boys and girls, to seduce married men and women, to willingly became a cum bucket for her husband and to actually assist in the sexual submission of their daughter. Yet, the Bible’s words are very clear that she should submit to her husband unconditionally and without question and for years she had done just that.

“That’s it my little girl, beg for it in your ass,” he grunted.

Lilly knew that meant they were shifting into role play, something they often did, especially lately, and now she was no longer his wife, but his daughter. “Oh yes, Daddy, fuck your baby girl’s ass, cleanse my sin with your magic wand.”

Dylan loved how submissive his wife was, how beautiful she was and how nasty she could get when in the bedroom. Her usual good wife and community member tongue became wicked.

“Oh fuuuuck,” Lilly moaned loudly, as the slow ass-fucking sped up and her husband began to slam into her. “I love your cock, Dadddddddy, I want you to wash away my sin with your magical seed.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” he grunted, talking to his wife, but visualizing his daughter.

“So badddd, Daddy,” she whimpered, his cock bringing such pleasure to her.

“You need to be taught a lesson that bad girls must be punished,” he continued, deciding he was about to do something he had never done before.

“Yes, Daddy, your baby girl is yours to punish,” she mindlessly replied, always playing along with whatever game he had in mind.

He flipped her onto her back, grabbed a candle from the night stand and slid it up her gaped ass.

Lilly’s eyes went big at the surprising insertion, but before she could respond, she watched as he began fingering her. Her orgasm already on the rise, she began thrusting to meet his fingers, even as he pumped the long candle in her ass simultaneously.

The double insertion was oddly erotic, like the first time her father and new husband double teamed her on her wedding night, her Daddy saying this was God’s will of transferring her undying loyalty from one man of God to another. She wished it was two cocks in her, something she hadn’t felt since that wedding night, as she moaned, still in character, “Oh Godddddd, Daddddddy.”

“Hold your legs wide open, slut,” he demanded.

She obeyed like she always did, the burn in her ass mixed with his fingers in her cunt creating a strange euphoria.

His wife’s cunt dripping wet, he decided to do something else he had never done before, and he slid his whole fist inside her without warning.

“Holy Chriiiiiiiiiist,” she screamed, as the widening of her cunt burned and simultaneously, as he began pumping her cunt, with his entire fist her orgasm built quickly.

“That’s it, slut, scream to God to be purified from the sins of the devil,” he ordered, imagining saying similar words to his daughter tomorrow.

“Oh yes, God, fuck, God, thaaaank yoooooou,” she screamed as one of her most intense orgasms ever hit as he fist-fucked her roughly.

“You’re washed of sin, my girl,” the Minister declared as he watched her quake and spasm as if she was having a seizure.

“Yesssss, Massssster,” she agreed, a name she only called him in the throes of passion.

His dick hard, Dylan allowed his wife her orgasm, before pulling his hand out of her leaking cunt, rolling onto his back and ordering, “Stocking job, slut.”

Lilly instantly rolled over, candle still in her ass, pussy juice leaking out of her, opened her night stand, grabbed a pair of expensive silk knee high stockings, put them on her hands, and moved to his erect missile being careful to not break the candle. She began jerking him off with her nylon clad hand while simultaneously swirling her tongue around his thick mushroom top.

“Good sluuuut,” he groaned, loving the double sensation of the nylon on his cock and her incredible lips and tongue.

She also moved her nylon left hand up and down his leg, creating yet another teasing pleasure knowing how much he loved nylon.

As usual, the stocking job had his balls boiling and as he was about to erupt, he grabbed his wife’s head and pushed it down on his cock.

For Lilly, not gagging in this position while cum coated the back of her throat had taken years of practice, but knowing this was his favourite way to come she had finally mastered it. Cum coated the back of her throat, as it did most nights, and she leaned back just slightly so it would go down her throat and not back into her mouth.

Once he was spent, he let go of her head and she slowly moved up, retrieving any last remnants of cum.

Moving up, she asked, “May I remove the candle?”

He chuckled, “Sorry, honey, I forgot it was there.”

Being called honey after being called slut, role playing being his daughter, getting sodomized by his big dick and a candle, getting fisted and face fucked was, strange and yet made her feel loved. “Is that a yes?” she asked, smiling.

“Yes, dear,” he nodded, rolling over and getting ready to crash.

She slowly pulled out the candle out as her husband added, “Just think, starting tomorrow you’re going to have competition.”

As she stood up, a rush of jealousy coursed through her. She had long ago gotten accustomed to him fucking 18-year-olds and others, but he always ended the night in their bed and in one of her three holes. Even when she was on her period, they had nightly sex since she had two other available holes. Yet, suddenly she wondered if he would lose interest with an 18-year-old in the next room to use as he pleased…assuming tomorrow went as planned.

As Lilly washed up, she realized that God had a plan and as always she would obey her husband completely knowing that was what her role was.


Lilly was awakened up earlier than usual by her husband pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. This wasn’t unusual, but 6:30 was. She didn’t really enjoy morning sex, although it was something that happened daily. During her period, getting woken up with a cock in the ass was not pleasant. She wondered as he slammed into her, if having her daughter become a submissive for her husband could have a morning benefit. Luckily, he usually came quickly in the morning and today was no exception.

Pulling out, he said, “Go wake up our daughter.”

“Okay,” she agreed, although unsure why. This wasn’t part of the plan.

She went to grab her robe when he ordered, “No, do it naked.”

“Really?” She asked, not one to usually question him. But she knew the plan was to have a ceremony of cleansing tonight and wasn’t sure what the purpose of this was.

“Yes,” he said, standing up, “you will explain how starting now, since she is eighteen, this will be a house of nudity. There is no shame in the naked body. But like the virgin daughter of Babylon, you will explain it to her by washing her this morning to start the process.”

“Oh,” Lilly nodded, knowing exactly what scripture he was talking about although quite sure he was using it way out of context. That said, using the Bible out of context was something ministers, preachers and lawyers did all the time.

“Any questions?” He asked, getting dressed.

“No,” Lilly said, nervous to be seen naked, with cum still slightly leaking out of her, in front of her daughter.

“Then go,” he waved her off, before adding, “and remember, she needs to be shaved.”

Lilly nodded, and left with trepidation, feeling vulnerable in the nude, even though she still had a great body and was not insecure about it.

She hesitated at her daughter’s door, before taking a deep breath and obeying her husband, as she always did, and walking in.

She went to her daughter, looking so sweet and innocent in her slumber, which she was, and wondering briefly if what they were about to do was actually the right thing. They had spent a long time discussing it, well Dylan mostly, and in the end, although she had reservations, she had gone along with it. Her faith in God and the Bible always superseding any lingering doubts she may have.

Reaching down, Lilly shook her daughter awake, “Honey, wake up.”

Eve was having a slightly naughty dream where she was kissing Adam, a basketball player she thought was cute, when she was gently brought out of her dream state. She opened her eyes slowly and was perplexed to see her mom naked before her. She thought she was still dreaming until her mother spoke to her again.

“Happy birthday Eve, you’re officially an adult,” Lilly said, smiling, trying to forget she was naked and attempting to have a normal talk with her…even though nothing about today was going to be normal for her daughter.

“Mom? You’re naked,” The birthday girl pointed out the obvious.

“Yes, my dear,” she nodded, “you’re an adult now and it’s time to liberate you from the chains of society’s clothing expectations.”

“Really?” Eve asked, staring at her mom’s large breasts.

“Yes, honey, do you remember Isaiah 47?” Lilly asked standing up right, deciding to let her daughter see all of her, including her completely shaved cunt.

“Y-y-yes,” Eve nodded, knowing the Bible in its entirety, as she involuntarily glanced and saw that her mother had no hair on her vagina. “That is the daughter of Babylon, correct?”

“Yes,” her mom agreed, feeling cum leaking out of her pussy still, before clarifying “the virgin daughter of Babylon.”

Noticing something slithering down her mom’s legs, the innocent, confused daughter pointed out, “Mom, something is running down your legs.”

“That is your daddy’s sperm, honey,” Lilly replied, figuring blunt honesty was the way to go.

“Oh!” Eve said, her head spinning with confusion.

“Honey, your father and I make love often, every morning and evening,” Lilly continued. “Sperm is just the natural end result of an act God wants us to have.”

Eve was overwhelmed. She had assumed her parents still made love, but did not fathom it would ever be a conversation piece. Confused, and trying to understand, she asked, “Does it always leak out of you?”

“Usually, if he deposits his sperm in my vagina,” Lilly answered, refraining from using pussy or cunt, the words her husband used for it, although simultaneously setting up that there are other holes, other places, to deposit sperm.

“What do you mean if?” Eve asked, her confusion only compounding the longer the conversation continued.

Deciding to go for broke, she continued, “Well, honey, sometimes Daddy wants to make love even when the vaginal isn’t available.”

Eve didn’t understand. Did her mother suck her Dad’s penis? She knew lots of girls in town did it, but she couldn’t fathom her mother doing it.

“Honey, you are old enough now to understand that making love and obeying your husband is much more than just vagina penetration,” she explained. “You know the message of Ephesians 5:22-24?”

“Of course,” Eve nodded, her father repeating those words many times in sermons throughout the years.

“Well, to make your man happy you must be willing to do anything he needs to be happy,” the mom continued, oddly enjoying being the one to first corrupt her daughter, “and I do mean anything.”

“I don’t understand,” Eve said, although she was beginning to assume that her mother did indeed suck her father’s penis.

“Daddy likes to have his penis sucked, actually all men like to have their penises sucked,” Lilly continued.

“And you do it?” Eve asked, even though the answer was obvious. She just couldn’t fathom how her prim and proper mother could be doing such a sinful thing.

“Oral sex isn’t a sin, my dear,” the mother said, now sitting on the edge of her daughter’s bed. “Actually, obeying your husband without hesitation and bringing him sexual pleasure is the greatest thing you can do as a woman of God.”

“I just,” Eve tried to say, “I can’t.”

“I understand,” Lilly smiled in a motherly way, putting her hand through her daughter’s hair. “It’s a big surprise for you. But trust me, pleasing your father is the most satisfying thing I do…besides, of course, raising you.”

“Do you swallow his sperm?” Eve asked, an act she had heard her high school peers talking about once.

“Almost every day,” Lilly laughed playfully. “Your daddy has a very active sexual appetite and believes that sperm is like holy water…to savour and never waste.” Lilly, trying to make a point, scooped a bit of cum leaking out of her pussy and put it to her lips.

“Oh,” was all Eve could say, as she watched her mommy eat her daddy’s sperm.

“So, since you are a woman now, it is time for you to become one body, mind and spirit,” Lilly said.

“What does that mean?” Eve asked, still staring at a drop of her father’s sperm on her mom’s lips.

Standing up, Lilly instructed, “Stand up, my dear.”

Eve got out of bed wondering what sperm tasted like. She asked, “Mommy, what does it taste like?”

“What, honey?’ Lilly asked, even though she knew exactly what her daughter was asking.

“Sperm,” she clarified.

“It’s heavenly,” Lilly smiled, before ordering, “Now, take off your nightie,” Lilly instructed.

“But I’m not wearing a bra,” Eve pointed out.

“It’s okay, honey,” her mother comforted, cupping her own breasts, “I’ve seen you naked before, and you have seen me.”

Eve obeyed, her hands trembling.

“Now your panties, too,” Lilly continued.

Eve was about to question the instructions, but obeying her mother as she always did, like the Bible had taught her to in Exodus 20:12, Esphesians 6:1 and Colossians 3:20, ‘Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.’ She took off her panties.

“Now, as a woman, your body becomes a temple,” Lilly explained, “a temple of beauty and a temple of womanhood that will please a man.”

“I don’t understand,” Lilly’s naked daughter said.

“Follow me,” Lilly said, taking her daughter’s hand and leading her to the bathroom.

“Your pussy, I mean vagina, needs to be shaved,” Lilly said.

Eve looked for her father in the hallway and was happy when she didn’t see him in her born state.

“Sit on the toilet,” Lilly ordered, as she grabbed a razor and shaving cream.

Eve obeyed although she couldn’t fathom what her mother planned.

Lilly knelt before her daughter, razor in hand, and instructed, “Open your legs, dear.”

“W-w-why?” The usually obedient daughter asked, even though the razor in her Mom’s hands made the question redundant.

“You’re a woman now,” Lilly replied, “It’s time you start acting and looking like one.”

“But….” Eve began to protest.

“Now enough nonsensical protesting,” Lilly said firmly, as she pushed her daughter’s legs apart, “Mom’s going to shave your vagina.”

Eve was stunned, yet she just sat there and stared down at her mother kneeling between her legs with a razor.

Lilly slowly and gently shaved her daughter, wondering what she tasted like. The thought of burying her face in her daughter’s cunt popped into her head, yet she resisted the temptation knowing that her husband had a much grander plan for Eve tonight. Patience was a virtue and soon the patience would pay off in spades.

Once done, her daughter’s cunt completely shaved, Lilly grabbed the lotion and began gently rubbing it into her daughter’s cunt and pubic area.

Eve moaned inadvertently at her mother’s touch, the first time her vagina had ever been touched by another person. She couldn’t believe the odd feeling of pleasure that triggered through her. She was overwhelmed by guilt at getting excited while being touched by her mother.

When Lilly was done, she smirked, noticing that getting her pussy lotioned had sexually stimulated her daughter. “Is your vagina feeling good, my dear?” Lilly asked, even though she knew the answer.

“A little,” Eve admitted, her cheeks burning with sin.

“It’s okay, honey, those are natural feelings,” Lilly said, moving her finger to her daughter’s swollen clit.

“Aaaaaah,” Eve trembled, the light touch bringing intense pulses of pleasure throughout her very being.

“That’s your clit, honey,” her mother explained. “When it is swollen like that it usually means you are horny and your body needs a sexual release.”

Eve asked, suddenly curious, as she often had less intense feelings like this, “H-h-how do you make them go away?”

“Go away?” the mother laughed. “No, no, no, you succumb to the pleasure by having an orgasm.”

“But I’m not married,” the innocent girl pointed out.

“Oh honey, masturbation is a very natural thing to do,” the mother continued, before adding, “not only natural, but often necessary.”

“D-d-do you masturbate?” Eve asked, the question seemingly preposterous before this surreal morning.

“Oh yes,” Lilly admitted, still on her knees in front of her daughter’s shaved cunt. The temptation to bury her face in her daughter’s virgin cunt was almost irresistible. “Almost every day.”

“Really?” Eve asked, her pussy undeniable tingly at the moment.

“Of course. Masturbation is a way to make sure the devil doesn’t temp you into doing something with someone you don’t love,” Lilly explained, even though she often fucked boys, men, girls and women she didn’t love, but that would come in time for her daughter.

“Really?” The big eyed daughter repeated, like a broken record.

“I know this is all really overwhelming, honey. It’s a lot to take in in twenty minutes,” her mother comforted. “Go shower and put some of this lotion on your vagina when you get out.”

Eve took the lotion, still bewildered, yet undeniably horny, and went into the shower. While in the shower, she pondered rubbing her vagina, but resisted the temptation, unsure whether it was the devil tempting her or just her own body looking for release. After talking to her mother she was even more confused about what was sin and what was natural.

Meanwhile, Lilly wasn’t sure whether to go downstairs naked, where likely Dylan was waiting for her to make breakfast as he read the newspaper or to put on a robe.

She decided on a mixture of both as she grabbed her robe, but didn’t put it on. Reaching the kitchen, he was indeed at the table, indeed reading the newspaper and indeed naked. Understanding the obvious, she tossed her robe aside and walked into the kitchen. “Bacon and eggs, honey?” She asked.

“Just oatmeal today, please,” he replied, glancing up to make sure she was still naked.

“That’s a nice change,” she agreed.

“How did it go?” He asked.

As she began making oatmeal, the old fashioned way, not the instant crap you can buy nowadays, she retold the strange, surreal conversation with her daughter, including that Eve got wet while she shaved her.

“I bet you wanted to bury your face in her virgin cunt, didn’t you?” He questioned.

Lilly admitted with a sly smile, knowing that her husband loved that she was an insatiable slut as well as a demure woman in the community, “It did pop into my head.”

“I want her in thigh highs all day at school and with a vibrating egg inside her,” he said.

“Why?” Lilly asked, curious and surprised, something that Dylan could seldom do to her since he had allowed a whole group of ministers at a conference to gangbang her, although only in the mouth and ass; yet, it was almost eight o’clock and he had surprised her twice.

“I’ll explain it to her when she comes down for breakfast,” he replied, as his wife placed the bowl of oatmeal in front of him.

“Okay,” she nodded, long ago understanding that when he didn’t answer immediately when asked he wasn’t planning to.

“Now crawl under the table and slowly worship me,” Dylan ordered.

Lilly was shocked. Eve would be down any moment. Yet, as always, she obeyed her husband, dropping to her knees, crawling under the table and taking his completely flaccid cock in her mouth, riddled with anxiety.

Meanwhile, Eve finished showering, put on her robe, she always had breakfast with her parents before getting dressed, and headed downstairs. She knew today was a special day, a day she had been waiting for since she was thirteen, yet she was completely baffled by the strange way her mother had acted. Reaching the kitchen, she stopped in her tracks as she saw her mother under the table, her head bobbing up and down

“Take off your robe, Eve,” Dylan instructed. “You will be naked in this house of sanctuary like Job’s philosophy in 1:21.”

Eve was speechless. Her parents were both naked in the kitchen, her mother was giving her father oral sex, and her father wanted to see her naked.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return,” Dylan spoke scripture to her. “The Lord created us as bodies of beauty and there is no need for modesty in this home. Is that clear, my dear?”

Eve couldn’t take her eyes off her mother. She couldn’t see her daddy’s penis from the angle she was standing, but she could definitely see her mother slowly bobbing back and forth. She finally spoke, “Yes, Daddy.” Nervously, she slowly took off her robe.

Once his daughter was naked and vulnerable in front of him, her eyes not making eye contact, either looking at the floor or her mother, Dylan couldn’t tell, he complimented, “God created a perfect body for you to inhabit in this journey, my dear.”

“Thank you,” Eve blushed, feeling flattered by the compliment and equally awkward at being naked in front of her father.

“And I imagine you are wondering what your mother is doing,” he asked.

“S-s-she’s giving you a blow job,” Eve stammered, that being the term she had heard her classmates call it.

“Eve!” The minister scolded. “Do not taint this act with the nastiness the devil is getting your peers to do.”

Eve apologized, even more confused now, “S-s-sorry, Daddy.”

The Minister quickly softened his tone, like he could often do when preaching, “It’s okay, honey. It’s just that I know you may still have the devil’s sin in you, and I get overly protective at times.”

“I know, Daddy,” she agreed, knowing today was the day the devil would be expelled from her.

“Anyway, your mother is worshipping the Lord through me. By retrieving the seed that God created, she is staying holy and pure,” Dylan explained, an absurd explanation he had used on many women over the years, and which they had often swallowed hook, line and sinker.

“Oh,” Eve said, the explanation somehow making sense.

“You see, my dear,” he continued, “humans were created with a weakness…temptation. To control such temptation, wives must remain purified and protected from the temptation of sin by being cleansed with the semen of their husband.”

Oddly, this too made sense to Eve, yet instantly she wondered about unmarried girls like her. “So what protects unmarried girls from the corruption of the devil, Daddy?”

“Great question, my dear,” he groaned, close to coming in his wife’s mouth. “That will be explained tonight when we have start your journey of purification. Now to keep a woman ultimately free of sin they must take their man’s purifying seed in different locations.”

Eve was confused and watched as her Daddy pushed his chair back, stood up and revealed his penis. She had never seen one before but instantly wondered how something so big could fit in her Mother’s mouth.

“Come be purified, my bride,” Dylan instructed.

The obedient wife crawled out from under the table, glanced quickly at her naked, stunned daughter and moved on her knees in front of her man.

Dylan ordered, “Beg to be cleansed of your sins.”

Although he usually came in one of her three vessels of pleasure, she knew this meant she was getting a facial. “Master of the house,” she began, “please let me repent my sins and cleanse me of impurity.”

Dylan stroked his cock and asked, “What do you want to repent?”

She considered what to say here, how much to reveal to her still innocent daughter, yet decided to be extreme and admit the truth, foreshadowing all that was soon going to be a part of her daughter’s Christian life of obedience, “I have been feeling the temptation of the devil when my vagina gets wet while at the high school.”

Dylan loved his wife’s declaration, her mindless obedience to what he wanted, “And what exactly tempts you?”

Lilly admitted, as she would even if her daughter wasn’t there, “I want to protect the girls from becoming sluts by taking all the boys’ semen.”

“Would you do that?” he asked, knowing she was already doing exactly that.

“It would be a way to protect our young ladies from the sin that is everywhere,” Lilly admitted, she was already doing quite a bit of taking loads from seniors and college boys.

“I see,” he nodded, deciding not to prolong his conversation more, noticing the confusion on his daughter’s face. “Anything else?”

Looking at her daughter, she admitted also, “Shaving my daughter, I can’t deny a moment of impurity.”

“How so?” he asked, knowing his load was coming very soon.

“I was drawn to her vagina,” she admitted.

“That is natural,” he groaned, “as you want to assist her in protecting her from the sins of the devil.”

“I do, I do,” Lilly admitted, noticing her husband’s legs stiffening.

Eve couldn’t deny how much her pussy tingled. It was taking all her will power to not touch herself.

Looking at his flushed daughter, he asked, “Is your vagina wet?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she admitted.

“If you want some protection until this evening come join your mother on your knees, my dear,” he offered, implementing his plan a little earlier than he originally intended.

Eve didn’t even hesitate, the intense feelings inside her driving her crazy, she moved beside her mother dropped to her knees and stared at her daddy’s penis.

Seeing his beautiful 18-year-old daughter on her knees in front of him, her massive 34DD tits, still smaller than her mother’s 34FFs was the final straw and he grunted, “You are forgivennnnn,” as his load rocketed out of him and onto his smiling wife’s face. He turned immediately so the second rocket of cum hit his daughter directly on the nose and lips. He wanted to slide his cock in her mouth once the third and fourth much smaller sprays hit her chin and neck, but refrained knowing he had much grander plans for tonight.

Eve couldn’t believe how instantly the burning in her loins began to fade once her dad’s sperm hit her face. She felt a strange rush of equilibrium as her sin was washed away.

Dylan looked at the two women in his house, both coated with his cum, and said, “Now, let’s finish breakfast.”

Lilly sat up, pulled up her daughter, scooped up the cum on her own face, put it in her mouth and said, “God bless you, my dear.”

“Thank you, Mommy,” Eve said, staring at the white goo on her Mom’s face.

“Oatmeal?” Lilly asked her daughter.

“Yes, please,” Eve nodded, as life instantly returned to the morning ritual, except they were all naked.

They all ate in silence and once done, Dylan stood up and said, “My dear, you are wearing the angel costume at the school this afternoon for Fall Festival, correct?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Eve said, as she was playing the angel in the school play, glancing at her dad’s now flaccid penis.

“You will also be wearing a pair of thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose,” Dylan said.

“What are those?” Eve asked.

“Your mother will show you,” he answered. “We need to tempt the devil today by leaving him access to your vagina.”

“Okay,” Eve nodded, although she was confused by the conversation.

“Your mother will also be putting a plastic egg inside your vagina,” Dylan continued. “You must resist the temptation to reach orgasm…even though the temptation will grow throughout the day.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Eve agreed, even though she didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Go help Eve get ready, Lilly,” Dylan instructed, bending over and kissing his daughter’s forehead like he always did.

“Come with me,” Lilly said, standing up.

“Yes, Mommy,” Eve agreed, standing up and following her mother.

First they washed their sticky faces, before Lilly helped her put the thigh high stockings on.

Eve asked, “Daddy wants me to wear these?”

“Daddy always knows best,” Lilly pointed out.

“But the top of my stockings will be seen when I am sitting down at my desk,” Eve pointed out, self-conscious of being noticed like some of the other girls at her school.

“We need to tempt the devil as much as possible, my dear,” Lilly said, quoting her husband. “Now relax, honey, I need to get your vagina slightly wet for this to go in.”

“O-o-okay,” Eve agreed, as she watched her mother move her finger to her vagina. “Ooooooh,” she moaned as her vagina lips were touched.

“You’re already wet, my dear,” Lilly acknowledged, before she slid the vibrating egg inside her virgin vagina, curious what perverse plans her husband had for her daughter with this.

“Oh God,” Eve gasped as her vagina was filled, before realizing what she had just said. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, honey,” Lilly smiled and comforted. “I scream out the Lord’s name often when Daddy fucks, I mean makes love, to me. It is the ultimate declaration to thank the Lord for the pleasure you are experiencing and give yourself to him completely.

“Okay,” Eve said, feeling better but still awkward.

Lilly reached for a pair of panties and helped slide them on her daughter. “Now, walk around a bit, it may take a while to get used to,” recalling wearing one for the first time while performing as Cinderella in a musical in college.

“Okay,” Eve said, standing up. “Ohhhh,” she whimpered, the egg moving around inside her, stimulating her vagina.

“And don’t do that,” Lilly joked.

“It feels weird,” Eve admitted, as she continued walking back and forth.

Lilly added, “Don’t forget, what happened downstairs, our new nude home philosophy and the devil’s sin you are fighting must be kept a secret.

“Of course, Mommmmy,” Eve moaned, still not used to having something inside her. The pleasure was increasing and the temptation to touch herself was already there.

Lilly left her daughter alone to get used to the egg inside her, while she went downstairs to clean up the breakfast dishes.

Eve slowly got dressed, all in white, white stockings, white panties, white bra, white blouse and her school uniform skirt that was just long enough to hide the stocking tops (while standing), and white flats. Today she was going to be a bit of an oxymoron as she dressed all day in white and later as an angel and then was to dress all in red and be dressed as a she-devil in the evening. She walked around, sat down and back up, as she continued to get used to the egg in her. Eventually, she got accustomed to having it inside her, the pleasure a constant distraction, yet knowing she must refuse the temptation.


The morning flew by for Dylan as he finished plans for the exorcism of the devil in his daughter. Eve, meanwhile, got somewhat used to the egg in her vagina, although there was a constant tease, and it was impossible to hide the tops of her thigh high stockings, making her feel like she was being stared at, judged, whispered about. Yet, she couldn’t completely stop thinking of the pleasure she was resisting, always barely lingering below the surface. She barely listened in class, couldn’t remember dates on her history quiz and could feel the many eyes watching her. Also, wearing thigh highs instead of pantyhose, made her feel naked and vulnerable, yet oddly sexy as well; as if she was one of her peers and not the good girl outcast pariah she was usually seen as.

Before lunch, Dylan called Principal Peck. “Hi Ms. Peck, could you please send Beth over at lunch?”

“Of course,” she agreed, used to such calls from the Minister, although Beth, his daughter’s best friend, was a new one to his lunchtime booty calls.

“Thank you,” Dylan said, knowing she never asked questions.

“By the way, Minister,” the horny Principal added, the Minister’s big cock a constant visual in her head since he had first fucked her in her office the day she was first a taste of that big cock, “I would love to come see you one day at lunch soon to repent my many sins.”

Dylan smiled, Principal Peck another of the many adult women in the community who were always eager to get a piece of his cock. “I’m free on Monday, Principal Peck, but understand that there is still one hole of yours that needs purification.”

Principal Peck blushed, the idea of being sodimized by the Minister in church both a naughty, twisted thing and yet an equally intriguing one. She had only taken it in the ass once, while drunk in college, but was willing to do almost anything to have that big dick in her again. She answered, “I understand.”

“Good,” he nodded to himself out of habit, “Be here precisely at noon on Monday and have thigh highs on for easy access to those two holes of yours.”

“Yes, sir,” she eagerly agreed, which was odd for the strong-willed women. At school she was seen as no nonsense, yet she melted like butter and obeyed the sexist demands of the Minister and other strong-willed men; she also submitted without hesitation to Lilly, even though she had never once considered lesbian sex before being seduced and dominated by the big busted Minister’s wife.

“Good, now send Beth here soon,” Dylan said, before hanging up. The thought of taking Principal Peck’s ass was appealing and something to look forward to, yet for now he had to focus on the task at hand.

Lilly, meanwhile, horny from the crazy morning, called Principal Peck and demanded, “Get your ass here as soon as lunch begins.”

The Principal, shaking her head at the sexual appetite of the two supposedly upright Christian people agreed, the thought of the Minister’s cock still in her head, “Of course, Mistress, I can leave early if you wish.”

“Good, see you soon,” Lilly said, before hanging up.

The Principal went on the intercom, “Beth Anderson to the office please.”

Eve asked Beth, “What is that about?”

Beth shrugged, having no clue, “I don’t know.”

“Text me if you are not going to make lunch,” Eve said, trying not to move and have the egg inside tease her, “I want to practice my lines before the play this afternoon.”

“Sure,” Beth agreed, “I can’t imagine it will take all lunch.”

Beth headed to see Principal Peck.

Once Beth arrived, the principal, who had made pets of the other three girls called to see Minister Harper, decided to add to her growing teenage lesbian harem, the privilege of keeping such a saucy secret a secret. “Hi, Beth, you’re to go immediately to see Minister Harper.”

Beth’s face flushed instantly. Since allowing him to take her virginity three weeks ago, she had become an obsessed orgasm addict. She had been fucked by him three times, but in-between those sessions, she downloaded lots of online porn videos and read lots of online stories on websites. She was amazed at how many perverse stories were out there and how each made her vagina, no, her cunt as Minister Harper call it, so wet. She had also been on many online chats where she learned that most teen girls were already sexually active and over half had even kissed a girl…which led to her greatest fantasy, to kiss Eve. “Oh, okay,” Beth nodded, trying to act casual even as her face burned with Scarlet Letter red guilt and her cunt instantly got wet.

“I expect you to come see me Monday morning before school,” Principal Peck instructed.

“Why?” Beth asked, still rather oblivious and innocent regardless of her sudden accelerated libido.

“Just to catch up,” the Principal smiled, saving the beginning of the nerdy, but cute girl’s lesbian training for Monday. “Be here at eight.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Beth nodded, unaware of what would be expected of her on Monday.

“Now go meet Minister Harper, he is expecting you ASAP,” Ms. Peck ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Beth repeated, heading out and walking the one block to the church, her panties undeniably wet at what she assumed and hoped was about to happen.

The Minister was preparing Sunday’s sermon when there was a knock on this office door. “Come in,” he called out.

Beth came in nervously, excited to get fucked again, yet still shy. “Principal Peck sent me over.”

“She is a good messenger,” he smiled.

His tone had Beth wondering if Principal Peck knew the real reason she was called here and if so, what did that mean about Monday’s morning’s meeting. “I guess,” she nodded, feeling butterflies in her stomach.

“Do you have a crush on my daughter?” The Minister asked bluntly.

Beth gasped. Although she did, this was not what she was anticipating. She stammered, “N-n-no,” not wanting him to know she had many fantasies about Eve.

“Don’t lie to me, Beth, especially in The Lord’s house,” he said sternly. “Now I’ll repeat the question. Do you have a crush on my daughter?”

Guilt filling her for both lying to him and for lusting after another girl, particularly his daughter, she whispered, “Yes.”

“And what do you fantasize about?” Dylan asked, enjoying the discomfort he was causing the shy girl. He wasn’t sure he could turn her into a slut when he had first seduced her, but he had and now he was preparing to have her play a pivotal part in his plan to fuck his own daughter.

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“I’m too embarrassed,” she answered, feeling overwhelmed with shame.

“It’s okay,” he softly said, “you can tell me anything, I don’t judge, I just assist in repenting your sins.”

“I want to feel and suck on her breasts,” she blurted out. Beth was envious of her best friend’s massive breasts, especially considering her own were almost non-existent.

“And her cunt?” He questioned, “Have you ever fantasized about her cunt?”

It was surreal to have her best friend’s father, never mind a Minister, asking such questions. Yet, her fantasies, after reading and watching porn were often about seducing her best friend. She was curious what she would taste like, what any cunt would taste like, the many stories she had read implying a cunt had a unique taste to it. Finally, she admitted, tears of shame beginning to roll down her eyes, “Yes, I have.”

“Oh Beth, don’t cry, lust is a natural human emotion,” he comforted, standing up and going over to the young girl.

“I’m just so ashamed,” she continued, tears coming full force now.

“The best way to deal with lust, my dear, is to commit the sins you crave in the safety of The Lord,” he explained, pulling her into his arms.

“R-r-really?” She stuttered. Was he suggesting she have sex with her daughter in church?

“Yes, I believe that to protect our teenagers and young adults we must give them a safe place to understand their lust and experiment with their desires while under the sanctuary of The Lord,” he explained, similar to the words he often used as he first seduced teenage, college or married women, as he let go of her.

“I don’t understand,” she said, it indeed did sound like he wanted her to have sex with his daughter in church.

“Tonight is the Fall Festival dance,” he started. “And tonight we must cleanse my tainted daughter by expelling the devil from her body.”

“I don’t,” she began.

“Shhhhh,” he said, putting his finger to her lips. “Let me explain, while you practice your oral pleasing.”

She lowered to her knees, eager to have his dick in her mouth, guided gently by his strong hands on her shoulders. She fished out his cock, this making sense to her. Worshiping his cock was a direct way to be serving The Lord and she wanted to get better at it for when she was married.

The shy submissive took his cock in her mouth as he continued, “So tonight, we must cleanse her of her impurities by filling her with the passion of The Lord. To do that completely, she must taste all the sweet nectar The Lord created for us to enjoy as two bodies become one.”

The Minister’s words made logical sense to her. Since he had first filled her with The Lord’s seed she had felt closer to him and thus had quit having doubts about her faith. Her insatiable desire and lust was justified by him as a way to worship The Lord as long as her actions of sexual submission where to someone holy. And although she had only sucked and fucked him, her curiosity only increased with every day.

“So after the play, my pet,” he began, putting his hands through her hair, “you will kiss her and tell her you want her to eat your vagina, don’t use cunt as you’ve been trained.”

Although her pussy was on fire both because she loved having a cock in her mouth and at the scenario of ordering Eve to eat her. Although a constant fantasy, however, she couldn’t fathom actually saying the words.

He pulled his cock out and asked, “Do you understand?”

“Um, I understand,” she nodded, from her submissive position on her knees. “But I’m not sure I could say such words to my best friend. I don’t think she will react favourably to such a demand.”

“How she reacts isn’t the point. The point is we must tempt her to the very brink to prepare for tonight’s Satan extraction,” he explained.

Beth knew today was a special day for Eve, turning eighteen and finally being old enough for the extraction of the devil’s temptation.

“Okay,” Beth nodded tentatively. “I just don’t want to lose my best friend.”

“Leave that to me,” he smiled. “I will explain that I told you to as a test. My daughter is very submissive, like you but way more-so, I see a potential dominant side in you. And if this goes as planned, Eve will be your personal pussy pleaser whenever you wish.”

“Really?” Beth asked excitedly, so turned on by the possibility that she forgot she was talking about taking advantage of her best friend.

Pulling her up, he bent her over his desk, flipped up her skirt, tugged down her panties and asked, “What do you want, my pet?”

“Your big cock in my slut cunt,” she answered, trying to shock him after watching all that nasty porn.

Dylan was surprised by the nasty language, the previous three times she had been mostly silent and he had planned to make her beg this time. Yet, such sin off her wicked tongue was enough to get him riled up. He slid into her amazingly tight pussy and wondered instantly if his daughter’s pussy would be as tight.

“Oh God, thank you, fuuuuuuckkkkk,” the shy girl screamed, wanting to shed the conservative persona all saw her as and become a wanton women. He was fucking her slowly and she wanted it hard and deep, like the sluts in the videos and stories. “Slam that big dick in my slutty cunt.”

He obliged, slamming into the young eager slut, loving hearing the sweet teenager talk like a nasty slut.

“Yesssss, fuck me harder,” she screamed, completely in the throes of lust.

Suddenly, his office phone rang. He reached for it and chuckled, “It’s my daughter. You may want to quiet down a bit.”

“Kkkkkk,” she agreed, unsure she could actually muffle her intense moans of pleasure.

He answered the phone, while returning to slower strokes, “Hi, honey, how is your day going?”

Eve was frantic. “The devil is tempting me constantly.”

“You must stay strong,” he said, “the devil knows that today is his last day to pull you to his side.”

“Okay, but, but, but, the egg thing is driving me crazy, I can’t concentrate. I’m petrified I won’t be able to remember my lines for the play this afternoon,” Eve pointed out, her pussy literally on fire.

“Tell you what, honey, I’m going to do something rather unorthodox,” he said, “but it is going to be very shocking.”

“W-w-what is it?” Eve asked.

“I’ve been working with Beth over some secret plans we had for your birthday, but I’m almost done filling her in,” he said, smiling at his naughty pun, “I’ll send her to you with a very unorthodox suggestion.”

Beth was curious what he had in mind, but more focused on the orgasm that was lingering just below the surface, waiting to erupt when the hard fucking continued.

“Okay,” Eve said, tentatively.

“Do exactly as she tells you, I will instruct her with how to relieve the sexual tension the devil is trying to stir in you,” he ordered.

“Yes, Daddy,” she agreed, trusting blindly in her father and hopeful for anything that would stop the intense teasing that was driving her mad, making her not feel like herself.

“Are you in your angel costume?” He asked, a new plan suddenly forming in his devious mind.

“Not yet,” she answered.

“Put it on first and then come to my office ASAP,” he instructed.

“Okay,” Eve agreed.

“Now, come now!” he instructed, hanging up and slamming furiously into the increasingly insatiable slut, saying the same words to two different girls with two completely different meanings.

“Oh Goddddddddddd,” Beth screamed, as the Minister continued slamming into her hard and deep, her orgasm rising quickly.

“Come now, my pet slut,” he grunted, wanting to hear her scream, but knowing time was limited.

Beth’s right hand held onto the desk for balance, while her left hand went to her clit and rubbed it frantically. In only a few deep thrusts her orgasm exploded out of her. “Yessss, I’m fucking comiiiiiiiing.”

Dylan was close himself and he pulled out, spun her around, pushed her back onto her knees and slid his cock into her mouth. He would have come in her face, as he loved seeing teen girls dripping with cum, but another new idea popped into his head. He decided to deposit his seed down her throat.

Beth loved being manhandled, used, and she loved the way the Minister took control. She was a vessel of pleasure and eagerly focused on serving him even as her own orgasm continued to pulse through her. She was still very new at sucking cock, but after reading tips on how to deep throat she had become good at not gagging through proper breathing techniques.

She expected him to pull out and come on her face, like he always had, yet suddenly he grabbed her head and grunted. Instantly, a load of his seed exploded into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly as if she were drinking holy water, feeling like a chosen one to be given such a gift.

“Swallow it all, my pet,” he approved, as his cum continued spurting inside her beautiful mouth.

Pulling out a moment later, he said, “Now, you will do as I tell you once Eve arrives.”

“Of course,” she nodded, still on her knees and savouring the aftertaste of his seed.

“I’m going to have her eat your pussy,” he instructed.

Beth replied eagerly, like the eighteen-year-old she was, “Awesome.”

“Awesome,” he chuckled, “no truer word could be spoken.”

He pulled up his pants, sat back down at his desk and continued working on Sunday’s sermon while waiting for his daughter’s arrival.

After a minute, Beth asked, “Where should I go?”

“Stay on your knees like the subservient women you are to The Lord,” Dylan answered, his own head spinning with the acceleration of his plan.

A couple of minutes later, Eve knocked on her father’s door.

“Come in,” Dylan called out.

Eve walked in, saw Beth on her knees, looking ominously similiar to her mom earlier today and instantly she wondered if Beth had sucked her dad’s penis. Yet, as soon as the naughty thought popped into her head, she shook it out as it was too absurd.

Dylan took control before questions could be asked, “So has the Devil pushed you to reach an orgasm?”

“No, Daddy, but it is very distracting,” she answered, the temptation to touch herself all she could think of the past hour, the temptation building and building as the morning went along.

“Do you want more protection?” He asked.

“Yes, please,” Eve nodded, the devil driving her mad, even as she looked down at her best friend and her red cheeks.

“What I am suggesting is very unorthodox,” he warned, even as he mused how kinky and creative it was.

“Anything, Daddy,” she whined, “just please make it stop.”

“Beth, take off your panties and sit on the couch,” the Minister instructed, noticing they were still at her ankles.

“Yes, sir,” she agreed, standing up, slipping out of her panties without looking at Eve as she moved to the couch.

Eve watched in shocked awe, even though she had an inkling that her father had done something with her best friend.

“Now, my dear. The first protection seems to have failed. Likely, the devil is not overly eager to be expelled from your body and is going to try and push you over the brink all day,” he began.

Her pussy on fire, she begged, “Please make it stop.”

Dylan said, “Extreme situations call for extreme measures. Since you can’t get the protection directly from the source, as that would be incest, Beth here sacrificed herself by swallowing the Lord’s seed for you.”

“Oh,” Eve said, her assumption now confirmed…although still shocking.

“So, the only way to protect you before tonight’s exorcism is to have you get the Lord’s seed another way,” Dylan said, trying not to smile. “You must retrieve it through Beth’s vagina.”

“Really?” Eve said, shocked once again by her Dad’s words.

Dylan knew this wasn’t logical, nor biologically feasible but he bet on his daughter’s blind obedience. “Yes, honey, it’s the only way. Plus, Beth has sacrificed herself greatly to protect you from yourself.”

“O-o-okay,” Eve struggled to get out, as she moved to her best friend, whose legs were now parted.

“It’s okay, honey, you’re in the sanctuary of The Lord and retrieving his gift is not a sin but a powerful bond of faith that will bring you even closer to him,” the Minister explained, able to justify his preserve, twisted, kink with ‘Christian’ nonsense. Then going for the metaphorical kill he finished, his tone so soft, comforting and knowing, “Now, drop to your knees, my angel, and taste heaven.”

Eve, just like when she’d dropped to her knees in front of her father this morning, obeyed, feeling a weight pulling her down to obey, as if God’s hand was guiding her. She stared at Beth’s vagina, realizing how pretty and inviting it was. The lips glistened and drew her in. She leaned forward, a light hypnotic scent lingered, and moved her mouth to her best friend’s completely shaved vagina.

“Now extend your tongue and lap the luxury of The Lord,” he said, in the powerful fire and brimstone tone he would give in a sermon to a church full of parishioners.

Eve obeyed, extending her tongue, and began to lick between Beth’s pussy lips feeling as if she was fulfilling The Lord’s wishes.

Beth moaned on contact, her eyes and body not able to believe such a fantasy was becoming a reality. She had read so many stories of how great having her pussy licked would feel, but nothing compared to the real act. Completely different than having a cock in her, this pleasure was a slow tease that made her body want more.

Eve couldn’t believe the taste. To her it was holy water, a flavoured holy water, but holy water nonetheless. And she licked, tentatively at first, but getting more eager as she tried to retrieve as much of the purifying juice as she could.

Dylan watched in satisfied awe, knowing his plan was going even better than anticipated. He instructed, “Now Eve, you must keep licking until Beth reaches orgasm. Only from a complete withdrawal of the Lord’s seed from her vagina will you be protected until tonight.”

Eve thought it strange Beth was allowed to orgasm, but she couldn’t, but trusted her father to understand what he was doing. She kept licking, unsure what she was really doing, although Beth’s moans implied she was doing okay.

Beth put her hands through Eve’s hair and pulled her in deeper as she moaned, “The Lord wants you closer, to go deeper, to become one.”

Dylan smiled at Beth’s words, knowing although she wasn’t as beautiful as the cheerleaders he had at his disposal, she made up for it in eagerness and a sly deviousness that was just coming to the surface. Beth would be the next one to join the growing incest families if he played his cards right. Plus, he would love to turn the biggest prude in town, Beth’s mom Linda, into a nasty ass cum bucket.

Eve obeyed, licking faster, pushing her tongue into Beth’s vagina as best she could, hungry to get as much of the sweet holy nectar as she could. The taste was indeed “heavenly” as Daddy called it and she wanted it all. She wasn’t licking her best friend’s vagina, she was lapping the juices of the heavens.

Getting close, the sensation of having her cunt licked even more amazing than she anticipated, Beth began grinding her pussy up and down Eve’s face declaring, “Here comes The Lord’s holiness.”

Eve struggled to lick the moving vagina as she was held in place by Beth’s hand. Yet, in only a few seconds her face was coated with heaven’s juice as Beth screamed, “Holy Chriiiiiist.”

Eve kept licking as much of the holy juice as she could, praying that it would help protect her from the intensity of the devil’s temptation today.

Dylan’s cock was stiff again and he had his own temptation; to slam his cock into his daughter’s cunt. He resisted, but the temptation was growing. Looking at the clock, he said, “I hate to rush such a beautiful declaration of the Lord’s love, but your play starts in twenty minutes.”

Eve sat up, her face shiny with vagina juice.

Beth looked down and smiled, turned on by her best friend’s cum coated face.

“How do you feel, Eve?” he asked.

Eve stood up, the egg inside her moving slightly, but only a slight distraction. They were just a devil’s nuisance to deal with, like all her life had been. She answered, “I feel pure and cleansed.”

“Be warned,” Dylan said, knowing the egg inside her would continue to drive her wild as the day unfolded. “This is only temporary protection, honey. If you need one more dose after school, the Lord’s seed will remain inside Beth’s vagina for twelve hours.”

Beth smiled at the brilliance of his offer. Beth asked, praying she would be tempted again, “Does it have to be in church?”

Dylan answered, “No, as long as it is a place of Christian faith.”

Beth smiled, their school would work then and so would her home.

Eve looked at Beth and apologized, “I’m so sorry you had to sacrifice so much to protect me.”

Beth smiled, “The sacrifice was my pleasure,” glancing to the Minister, before adding, “I love you, Eve, and will do anything to help you, and if you feel yourself being tempted again, I am more than willing to offer myself again.”

Eve smiled awkwardly, her friend’s taste still on her lips, “You’re the best friend ever.”

Beth gave her a hug and said, “Ditto.”

“You’d better get going girls or you’ll be late for the play,” Dylan reminded them, content with how well things had gone.

“Bye, Daddy,” Eve smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek like she always did.

“Bye, angel,” he replied, before watching the two adorable teens saunter out.


Lilly went birthday shopping in Rockwell. They had already bought Eve an iPad they had planned to give her in the morning, but had forgotten with the craziness that went on that morning. But Lilly decided a few toys and some new lingerie would also be good additions for her.

She returned with a variety of toys including a vibrator as a present, a wall suction cup dildo, which she thought was cool, a double ended dildo for the two of them one day, a new strap-on that vibrated to add to her growing collection of them, some anal lube for the inevitable end goal of her husband and a magic wand, which the sales lady said was her new best friend.

She also bought a dozen pairs of thigh highs, some thongs, a garter-belt and stockings and lace bras to make her daughter the woman she was now going to be.


By the time the bell rang to end school for the day, Eve was again a lustful mess. She texted Beth, after waiting for her for a few minutes at their lockers, “WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED YOU NOW!!!!”

Beth received the text and smiled from ear to ear. She texted back, “I’m in the art room finishing up posters for next week’s spirit activities.”

Eve sighed. She needed the Lord’s protection and she needed it now. The play had gone well, but by the end, the temptations were increasing and over the past hour the pleasure inside her continued to build as the egg seemed to have a mind of their own. She texted, desperate to be protected again. “Is anyone there?”

Beth smiled, loving her friend’s desperation and texted. “I’m all alone.”

Eve was already walking to the art room which was, thankfully, at the end of the school and relatively secluded. She walked in, closed the door, looked around and pleaded, “Can I please taste you again?”

“If you want to,” Beth agreed, trying not to look too eager.

“No, I need to,” Eve said walking to her. “I feel I like I’m losing myself again.”

“Well, you can lose yourself in me,” Beth countered, as she stood up and surprised Eve by kissing her.

Eve had never been kissed on the lips, other than quick pecks from family members, and couldn’t believe how soft Beth’s lips were. Her body was stiff at first, unsure how to respond, but after a couple seconds she began kissing back.

Breaking the kiss, confident she was pulling Eve in as her own submissive Beth asked, “So you need to lick my pussy?”

Eve was shocked by the word choice of ‘pussy’, but was so overwhelmed with lust at the moment she nodded, “Yes.”

Beth opened her legs to offer her pussy to her best friend again, “I forgot my panties at church.”

Eve looked around to make sure no one was at the door, before dropping to her knees and, without hesitation, only hunger, buried her face once again in her best friend’s vagina.

After only a couple of minutes, Beth pushed her best friend’s head away and ordered, “Take off your panties too.”

“Why?” Eve asked.

“Because, if mine are off so should yours be too,” Beth explained.

Eve wanting to get the protection from Satan, decided it wasn’t worth arguing and pulled off her white panties from underneath her angel outfit.

Beth laid on the floor, finding standing while being licked uncomfortable, and ordered, “Now come and finish what you started.”

Eve crawled to Beth and buried her face in her best friend’s vagina.

“Oh yes, Eve, lick me,” Beth moaned, feeling a sense of power at watching her best friend between her legs.

Eve hungrily licked and licked, desperate to retrieve the Lord’s juice that would protect her from the growing sin inside her. She wanted to pleasure herself, she wanted to have Beth do to her what she was currently doing, yet knew that was a sin, although not completely understanding why. So, instead she focused on protecting herself the best she could by serving The Lord through this act.

Beth instructed, “Now move your tongue to my clit and flick it with your tongue. It’ll make my orgasm more intense and make more of the Lord’s juice flood out of me.

Eve obeyed, moving up slightly and beginning to concentrate on the clit, obeying every order her best friend gave.

Beth’s legs twitched with each flick and she moaned, “You’re so good at this, Eve, such a natural.”

Eve was happy she could bring pleasure to her friend, although her heavy breathing and intense moaning made her envious. She wanted to feel such pleasure. Yet, she also felt guilty for Beth having to sacrifice herself so much to protect her.

Getting close, Beth lifted her hips up and began grinding on Eve’s tongue.

Eve felt a rush of excitement at sensing the vagina juice protection was coming soon as he friend’s moans got louder and her body moved with lust and desperation.

Beth so close ordered, in the throes of lust herself, declared, “I’m so close, lick my cunt faster, make me cum with that nasty tongue of yours.” After saying ‘cunt’ she realized what she had said, but it was too late.

Eve kept licking, ignoring the crazy words coming out of her friend’s mouth, determined to get more of the Lord’s protection. Seconds later, she was rewarded with an abundance of the Lord’s juice again flooding her mouth and face. She continued licking hungrily, wanting every last remnant of this special juice.

Beth screamed, “Jesus Chriiiiiiist,” as the orgasm rushed out of her, the pulsations hitting her hard.

Eve licked and licked, devouring the sweet taste of heaven where nothing mattered but serving.

Beth finally moved away, suddenly needing to pee, and said, again looking at her best friend coated in her cunt juice. “God, you are perfection, Eve.”

Eve laughed, “I don’t feel that way.”

Beth pulled Eve up and kissed her, tasting herself on her best friend’s lips.

Katie, the head cheerleader, watched through the door window, her own plan spinning in her head as she put her phone away, having filmed the lesbian scene for the past few minutes. She walked away, not wanting them to know that she knew of their lesbianism as she formulated a full plan, the idea of having a couple nerd dykes to serve her appealing, even if one was the Minister’s daughter.

A chill went up Eve’s spine at the intimacy of the kiss. She didn’t want it to end, although it seemed to trigger a gush in her vagina that had finally just begun to be squelched by the Lord’s juice.

Breaking the kiss, Beth said, “I love you, Eve and want you to be safe.”

“I love you, too,” Eve replied back, knowing Beth would do anything for her.

“That said, you may wish to go wash your face, you look like you,” she paused, unsure what to say, but decided the hell with it, “just ate pussy.”

Eve gasped, surprised by her word choice again, even though she had heard her use the same word and other naughty things during the earlier act, “You’re language!”

“You’re eighteen now, Eve, don’t be a prude,” Beth scolded. “Vagina, pussy, cunt,” she listed, “they are all just words that describe a body part of a female. It is only dirty if you want it to be.”

“I guess,” Eve said unsure.

“Trust me, Eve,” Beth smiled, “starting today everything changes for us.”

Eve wondered what that meant, yet decided not to question it as she went and washed her face before heading home.


Dressed in the devil costume, a red outfit, with a tail, pink red thigh high stockings, sans any underwear, panties or bra as Daddy insisted the temptation from the devil must be at the peak of submission, Eve looked in the mirror. She looked sexy or slutty, depending on your view of the look, but she definitely looked a complete 180 from her pure white angel costume of the afternoon.

Coming downstairs, Lilly complimented, her cunt getting instantly wet thinking of having her daughter as her pet, “You look devilishly delightful.”

Eve blushed, not used to compliments, but decided to be playful as she posed, “Do I look tempting?”

“Oh, I bet the devil is circling you with intent,” her Mom added, her own cunt getting wet at how deliciously naughty her daughter looked.

“It’s not only around me,” Eve joked, the teasing of the egg inside her, as well as an undeniable hunger to taste Beth again, controlling her thoughts.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Lilly said, “Your presents.”

Eve said, “You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“You’re my daughter, of course I did,” Lilly countered, handing her the wrapped box. “This is from your father and me.”

Eve sat down, making the egg move around, causing more teasing pleasure, as she unwrapped the box. “An iPad! Thanks. I can’t believe you spent so much.”

“No price is too much for you, my dear,” Lilly smiled, like a normal mother. And then, unlike a normal mother, she added, “And these three presents are just from me.” She pulled out boxes from underneath the kitchen table.

“Mom!” Eve gasped, shocked by the many gifts.

“These are just between you and me,” Lilly winked.

“Okay,” Eve nodded, curious what the secret would be. She opened the smallest box and saw it was a pink silver thing.

“It’s a vibrator,” Lilly explained, “so you can give yourself pleasure.”

“Oh,” Eve said shocked by the gift.

“Trust me, it’s a girl’s best friend, I use mine all the time,” Lilly winked again, as she pointed to the next box. “Open the next one.”

Eve did and this one was the long massager called the magic wand.

“That is another toy for self-pleasure. The saleswoman told me I must buy it. I think we may have to share that one,” Lilly said, “I’m quite curious how it works.”

“Okay,” Eve nodded, in awe of the presents and confused as she wasn’t to touch herself all day. She finally asked, “But I thought I wasn’t to touch myself or I was giving in to the devil.”

“True,” the mom nodded, “but once the expulsion is finished today, you will be free of the invisible chains of Satan and free to explore your body as you wish.”

That idea sent chills up her spine and she mindlessly said, “I can’t wait.”

“I imagine so,” Lilly smiled, Dylan telling her in vivid detail about the lesbian encounter in his office between Beth and Eve and suggesting she could offer her own cunt for protection if she was horny and wanted a quickie before tonight’s festivities. “Now the last one.”

Eve opened the last, bigger box and was again shocked to see a lot of clothing, although very skimpy, sexy clothing.

Lilly explained, “You’re a woman now and need to start dressing as one to allure the many men who will pine over you and a husband who will take care of you.”

“But these are so thin,” Eve said, looking at a thong.

Lifting up her witch dress, Dylan’s idea, to reveal thigh high stockings and a black thong, she said, “Trust me, they do the job. They make you feel sexy and tease the boys relentlessly when they see it.”

“Wow!” Eve said, staring at her mom’s crotch, although not sure when boys would see such underwear. A sudden vision popped into her head as she imagined herself on her knees getting the Lord’s juice from her mom.

“You okay?” Lilly asked, noticing her daughter’s glazed over look.

“What? Oh, I, um,” Eve struggled to finish a sentence, shaking the naughty inappropriate vision from her head.

Lilly, sensing the reason, asked, “Is the devil tempting you again?”

“It’s almost unbearable,” Eve admitted, still staring at her mom’s barely covered vagina.

“Do you want a brief reprieve?” Lilly asked.

“God, yes,” Eve eagerly responded, both to tame down the lust inside her and equally eager to taste more of God’s nectar.

“Fortunately, your father filled me with the Lord’s seed this morning. Although that was this morning, the remnants of the Lord’s power is still lingering,” Lilly said, hopping up on a bar stool and spreading her legs to reveal her wet pussy hidden only by her flimsy thong.

“But that is incest,” Eve pointed out, even though she was barely resisting the temptation, staring at her mom’s barely covered vagina.

Lilly, anticipating this moment, this potential concern, quoted, “Ezekiel 16:44 points out the mother and daughter are one: as the mother, so is her daughter. So, in other words, for a mother and daughter to become one, to fulfill Ezekiel’s words we must at some point worship each other mind, body and soul.” Lilly pulled her thong to the side, so her beautiful daughter could access her cunt.

Eve had never completely understood Ezekiel, but her mother pointing out this act between mother and daughter was directing her to do this, and she didn’t hesitate. Her insatiable hunger controlling her, she moved to her mother, bent over as her mother was too high for her to go on her knees, and began licking her mom’s vagina.

Lilly had a chill go up her spine as her daughter’s tongue licked her cunt.

Eve was surprised that her mother’s taste was subtly different from Beth’s. The scent was stronger as well. Wanting to taste the full flavor of her mother’s juice, as she had Beth’s, she began licking aggressively, focusing on the clit that worked so well on Beth.

Lilly moaned loudly, the pleasure more intense because of the situation.

Eve, who prided herself for always being good at everything she did, was determined to bring her mother to orgasm both for her mother’s own pleasure and to once again keep the devil at bay…the extraction of Satan so close.

Lilly closed her eyes, as the orgasm began building inside her. “Good girl, such a good girl,” she moaned. Imagining this being a regular thing from now on.

While Eve kept licking, hearing her mom’s increased moaning, she began flicking on her mother’s clit with constant pressure.

Lilly’s leg twitched with each flick and she moaned with pleasure, “Don’t stop baby, you’re making Mommy feel real good.”

Eve, drawn into the act of giving pleasure, focused on hearing her mother scream and receiving her mother’s juice.

“Oh God, Jesus fucking Chriiiist,” Lilly screamed, a moment later as her orgasm coursed through her like a rapidly flowing river.

Eve was intrigued by how women became vulgar while in the throes of passion. Of course, Eve just kept licking, desperately hoping this would be enough of the Lord’s juice to protect her. Her mother produced a lot more juice than Beth did, which she eagerly lapped up.

Lilly knew she said things she shouldn’t have, but in the intense pleasure her daughter brought her she wasn’t thinking straight.

Eve kept licking, desperate to get all the Lord’s seed from her mom. It wasn’t an act of incest, it was an act of love and sacrifice, and connecting to her mom in this way only made her feel even closer to both the Lord and her mother.

Lilly finally said, pushing her away, her daughter’s tongue now making her need to pee, “We should probably get to the Fall Festival.”

Eve looked up at her mother, her face coated with her mother’s pussy juice and said, “Thank you, Mom, I feel so much better.”

“As do I,” Lilly replied, standing up and then pulling her daughter up to. “Go wash up quickly and we will get going, my dear.”

“Okay,” Eve nodded knowing the end of this day of torture, turmoil and temptation was almost done. In a few hours she would have her life back and be completely at the will of God.


On the drive, Eve said, her hands trembling, “Mom, I’m not sure I can go into the House of the Lord dressed like this.”

“Oh, honey,” Lilly comforted, putting her hand on her daughter’s nylon-clad leg, “I understand your trepidation, but you must tempt the devil to make sure he tries to capture you once and for all so we can expunge his hold on you forever.”

“I know,” Eve sighed, “but I don’t want others to judge me even more than they already do.”

“Eve, I expect more from you.” Lilly said firmly. “You must follow Jesus’s past and do what is right and not be another follower.”

“You’re right,” Eve nodded, knowing that she must continue to follow the oath of the Lord and never question her father who always knew what was right.

Reaching the church, Lilly said, “Eve, today is the beginning of the rest of my life. Enjoy your rebirth and just follow the Lord through your father’s words.”

“Yes, Mother,” Eve nodded, “And thank you.”

“I love you, honey,” Lilly smiled, giving her daughter a hug. Moving back away, “And Eve, you look incredibly radiant.”

“Thanks Mom,” Eve smiled, feeling slightly better. “I love you, too.”

Eve got out of the car, and walked into the church feeling anxiety at being dressed so provocatively. Dressed in a skimpy red dress, pink thigh highs, three inch open-toed heels, a red collar, devil horns, a long tail and a pitchfork, she indeed looked the sexiest devil in history.

“Holy shit,” the not very religious Peter said, his mouth dropping, when he saw Eve walk into the church hall. “Is that Eve?”

The dress Eve wore was tight and showcased every curve and revealed without any doubt her breasts were the largest in the school, including all the cheerleaders.

“Look at her tits,” Adam said, drooling over Eve’s massive tits.

Eve could feel all the eyes on her, sensing that people were seeing her in a different light. Part of her felt self-conscious, while another part felt sexy and alluring. She liked that she wasn’t the wallflower tonight, she wasn’t the minister’s shy, reserved daughter.

Peter envisioned the goody-goody with an even sluttier outfit on underneath that skimpy Halloween costume and imagined all the things he could do to the Minister’s daughter.

Peter walked to Eve and said, all confident, “Eve, if you really want to sin I can help you with that.”

Eve’s face began to blush, but thankfully she was saved by Beth who walked over and said, “Peter, I imagine she rather be sent to Hell.”

“Screw you,” Peter shot back.

“You wish,” Beth shot right back, taking Eve’s hand and pulling her away from the drooling boys. “Wow, you look good enough to eat,”

Eve continued blushing, “We’re in church.”

“As we were the first time you ate me out,” Beth whispered.

“Please, not here,” Eve pleaded, petrified someone would hear them talking.

“Okay,” Beth nodded, “but seeing you dressed like this has my cunt rather wet and needing some attention.”

“Later,” Eve whispered, although the temptation for one more taste before she was purified was undoubtedly enticing,

The next hour there were games for young kids and then, as the younger children went home, a dance started for the older ones. As Eve danced with friends, including Beth, the egg inside her moved around more than usual. Suddenly, the egg inside her started vibrating, and she gasped, “Ohhhhhhh.”

“What’s wrong?” Lacey, another friend of Eve’s, asked, as Eve fell to the floor.

Just as suddenly as the buzzing started, it stopped. The teasing pleasure that had been inside her all day accelerated rapidly and her whole body became weak. “Sorry, just a cramp,” Eve weakly responded, as she tried to catch her breath.

Beth helped her up and whispered in her ear, “Temptation from the devil?”

“Full body attack,” Eve answered, still trying to recover from the brief intense pleasure. “I need to see my dad now.”

“Okay,” Beth nodded, knowing that he was in his office. At least that was where he told her he would be if Eve was tempted.

The two girls went to his office and knocked.

Dylan smiled, the remote control in his hand, knowing that this would push his daughter to the edge of submission. “Come in,” he called.

The girls came into his office and Dylan said, “Please leave Eve and I alone, Beth.”

“Yes, sir,” Beth nodded, slightly disappointed that she wasn’t going to somehow be a part of whatever was about to happen.

Once he was alone with his daughter he said, “Is the temptation back?”

“It’s worse than ever, Daddy,” she said frantically. “The egg thing inside me started magically buzzing inside me.”

“Oh, it’s worse than I thought,” he said, standing up just as he also turned the egg on again to continue pushing her daughter.

“Aaaaaaaah,” Eve screamed, as the vibrations returned, and frantically pleaded, “The devil is in me, Daddy. Please get it out.”

He just as quickly shut it off. “Oh my, we are going to have to go to some drastic measures.”

“Please, Daddy, I can’t take it anymore, I’m being drawn to Satan,” she cried.

The Minister walked to her and said, “We will start the extraction now, honey. But we are going to have to go to the most extreme measure ever as the devil is clearly trying to pull you to his side.”

“Okkkkkay,” Eve nodded, weakly, her body feeling like Jello.

“I have tried to protect you through second sources,” Dylan said, “but it’s obvious the devil is living deep inside you.”

Eve heard her daddy’s words, and was suddenly petrified at not being able to be saved.

“The only way to eradicate the devil in you completely and forever is very unorthodox, even more so than what you have already tried today,” he continued, “but it has always worked.”

“I’ll do anything, Daddy,” she agreed, tears still streaming, “Please just make him go away.”

“On your knees, Eve,” he ordered, now standing in front of her.

Eve obeyed kneeling in front of him as she had this morning.

“The only way to guarantee the exorcism of the devil is to have the Lord’s seed deposited in each of your three potential sin holes,” he said, his cock rock hard at what was about to happen.

“I don’t understand,” Eve said, not understanding what the three sin holes were.

“I’ll explain as the evening goes along, no need to make this even more stressful than it already is, but to make sure this works, each hour we must deal with a potential temptation hole,” he continued. He unbuckled his pants and said, “Are you ready to retrieve The Lord’s seed?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she nodded, as her Dad presented his cock to her again.

“Now for this to work properly you must work like God’s servant to earn his seed,” he explained, his stiff erection now pointing at his daughter’s face.

“I have to put it on my mouth?” She asked, strangely feeling her mouth-watering.

“Yes, dear, it’s the only way,” he answered, dying to see his cock disappear inside her mouth.

He turned the buzzing back on and she began quivering, “Oh, he’s back, Daddy.”

“Take it in your mouth now dear, hurry,” he urgently ordered.

Frantic to have the intensity of the vibrating stop, knowing she couldn’t resist reaching orgasm much longer if it continued, she leaned forward and took her Dad’s penis in her mouth.

Instantly the buzzing stopped as her father declared, “Devil be gone, glory of God shine through!”

Instantly, she felt free as the teasing down below was squelched by her father’s words.

Having a penis in her mouth felt strange, yet oddly natural, as if this was a way to be one with God. She really had no idea what she was doing. She had watched her mom bob up and down rather quickly this morning, so she instead focused on getting used to having it in her mouth.

She was also surprised at how warm and hard it was. Treating it like an old style lollipop, she focused on swirling her tongue around the strange top of her Dad’s penis.

“That’s it, baby girl,” he groaned, the sight of his daughter with his cock in her mouth a fantasy come true.

Eve liked hearing she was doing it right, as she tentatively began bobbing back and forth slowly. It felt awkward at first, yet as she got used to having it in her mouth, it became easier.

“Oh yes, Eve,” he moaned, surprised at how quickly she caught on to worshiping a cock. “Yes, worship Daddy’s penis.”

On her knees, praying the devil would stay away, she was indeed worshipping her father’s penis. She bobbed back and forth for a couple of minutes, eventually taking a little more than half of her father in her mouth.

The minister, the father, the sexual predator, was in awe at both the visual of his daughter bobbing on his cock and the incredible sensations of her mouth. He could feel his balls boiling and grunted, “Here comes The Lord’s seed.”

Eve kept bobbing, enjoying what she was doing, liking hearing her Dad’s moans of pleasure, and was surprised when the liquid exploded in her mouth and down her throat. She kept bobbing, even faster, wanting every last remnant of her father’s powerful seed, the taste not as sweet and exotic as Beth’s or her Mom’s vagina, but salty and equally addicting.

“Good girl,” he groaned, “take every last drop of The Lord’s protection.”

Eve was already doing that and continued until her father pulled out.

“How do you feel, Eve?” He asked, looking down at her.

“Free,” she said, the buzz gone and no tempting sensations at all inside her.

“This will only keep you safe for a while, in exactly an hour, we must do the second deposit,” Dylan said, allowing his cock to stay directly in front of his daughter’s face like a hypnotist’s watch.

“Okay, Daddy,” she nodded, eager to rid herself once and for all of Satan’s powerful allure.

“Go enjoy yourself, but understand the next task is a lot more intrusive,” he added.

“How so?” She asked.

“Go enjoy yourself,” he repeated. “I need to pray for you and prepare for the second part of the exorcism.”

“Okay, Daddy,” she nodded, standing up. The egg inside her moved and a slight tease hit her. She sighed to herself understanding it wasn’t done yet. “Can I take this devil’s device out of me, Daddy?”

“Soon, honey,” he smiled. “But not until the third task is about to begin. We must let the devil think he is winning, that he has you in his grasp.”

“Okay, Daddy,” she nodded, deflated, already feeling the devil’s temptation beginning again.


Eve tried dancing with friends, but the more she moved, the more the temptation increased. The devil and God were at war in her body and she was praying The Lord would win. Yet, the temptation continued growing and growing.

After only a few minutes, she went to the washroom. She put water on her face just as Katie sauntered in.

“Hi, Eve,” she said, all sing song cheery, unlike her usual negative demeanour towards the goody goody girl.

“Hi, Katie,” Eve responded, although not in the mood to deal with her.

“You really aren’t all you portray are you?” Katie ominously said.

Assuming it was the outfit, “It was my dad’s idea to mock the devil.”

“Eating Beth’s cunt was your father’s idea?” Katie asked, getting bluntly to the point.

Eve’s face burned scarlet red. In reality, that was exactly the truth, yet she couldn’t say that. Anxiety hit her as she realized her reputation could be soiled because of one act to protect herself from the devil. “What? No, I meant the outfit.”

“It was quite surprising, although it did make a good video,” Katie added, pulling out her phone.

“Please, don’t tell anyone,” Eve pleaded, knowing this was the devil’s work, and mortified to learn she had captured the act on video.

“Oh, I can keep a secret,” she smiled, smirking at the irony that the secret she was keeping was fucking this goody goody’s father.

“What do you want?” Eve asked.

“My own pussy pleaser, my own cunt licker, my own nerd to play with as I wish,” Katie asked, loving being vulgar in front of the usually uptight girl, who she always felt was judging her and the other cheerleaders.

“Please,” Eve replied, her head spinning, unsure what to do next.

“Begging, I like that,” Katie smirked.

Just then Carol came in and Katie whispered, “10:30, the sanctuary and don’t mention anything to Beth.”

Before Eve could process or respond, Katie turned and walked away.

Carol asked, “Are you okay, Eve?”

“Feeling a bit ill,” Eve admitted, before heading to a stall. She sat in the stall forever, her head spinning with consequence and guilt. The devil’s temptation has pushed her into acts of lesbianism and now she was being blackmailed. She pondered telling her father; she pondered telling her mother; she pondered telling Beth, yet she just couldn’t bring herself to leave the stall.

Suddenly her vagina began vibrating again. She closed she legs together, which made the buzzing more intense and quickly moved her legs apart. Looking at her watch, she saw it was time to meet her father again for the second of three steps to expunging this sin forever. She stood up just as it shut off again and she quickly tried to make it to her father’s office without being seen by anyone.

Almost at his office, the buzzing started again and she moaned, “Nooooo,” just as her mother was walking out of another office.

“You okay, honey?” Lilly asked, although she knew exactly why her daughter was so frazzled.

“Need to see Daddy now,” she barely got out, as the buzzing again ended.

Lilly took her daughter’s hand and walked her to the office.

Once inside, Dylan sighed dramatically, “It’s still bad?”

“I want to touch myself, to give in to the pleasure he is promising,” Eve said.

“You want to bite the apple like your namesake did?” He asked.

“I can’t last much longgggger,” she whimpered, just as the buzzing started.

“You must resist,” Dylan firmly said, “you’re so close to extinguishing his hold forever.”

“I need God’s seed,” she pleaded.

“Lilly, prepare her for the sodomy of The Lord,” Dylan instructed, all business.

Eve’s eyes went wide, knowing what sodomy meant.

Lilly ordered, “Bend over, honey, this is a very delicate process.”

“H-h-have you been sodomized?” Eve asked, as she obeyed the order, leaning on her father’s desk.

“Yes, honey, all good Christian women must be willing to be protected from the temptations of sin all around us by protecting all the access points of the devil,” Lilly explained, as she pulled her daughter’s panties down, before adding, “Once you’re married, your husband can protect you as The Lord’s seed lives through him. Until then, your father, being a man of God, can protect you.”

“Okay,” Eve nodded, feeling vulnerable as her mother exposed her behind.

Eve’s father comforted, as he again unbuckled his pants, “Honey, you have done so well. The devil is throwing all he can at you and yet you have resisted every dirty trick he has thrown your way. We are so close to extinguishing his hold on you forever.”

Lilly explained, “I’m going to prepare you for The Lord’s protection. But it is going to hurt a bit.”

“Okay,” Eve agreed, nervous, but willing to do anything to end this day of temptation.

Lilly generously coated her daughter’s rosebud and then her own fingers with lube, before slowly inserting one finger inside her daughter’s tight virgin ass.

“Ohhhhh, it hurts,” Eve whimpered, the pain sharp.

“It will get better,” Lilly promised. “Now I love the feeling having your father sodomize me brings. When his penis is deep in my ass, pardon the swearing, I feel as if I am one with him, and thus one with The Lord.”

That oddly made sense to Eve. She couldn’t fathom such an act, didn’t even know it was a real option, but now that it was presented to her as something that would help end the torture she was currently living in, she was willing.

Lilly wiggled her finger inside her daughter.

Just as Eve was getting used to having her Mom’s finger in her ass, Lilly slipped a second inside and the pain returned again.

“Just relax,” Dylan suggested, “and the pain will dissipate quicker.”

Eve tried to, but as her Mom moved her two fingers around she felt the constant burn, which on the bright side had ended the teasing in her vagina.

“She’s ready,” Lilly declared, pulling her fingers out of her daughter’s ass.

Dylan moved behind his daughter, as his wife generously coated his cock with lube, and said, “Devil be gone, glory of God shine through,” as he slowly pushed his long cock into his daughter’s ass.

“Oh, fuuuuuck,” Eve screamed, swearing for the first time in her life as an intense pain cascaded through her. As soon as she said it, she apologized, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Dylan said, “those were the devil’s words. Through cursing you can keep him at bay. Say as many as you wish during this, it will only confuse him.”

“Okay, Daddy, it fucking hurts so much,” Eve said, tears beginning to form in her eyes, but she felt so free being able to say the words everyone else seemed to.

“Unfortunately, my cock, and call it a cock, only little girls call it a penis, is much bigger than most men. The Lord blessed me with a large magic wand that can cure,” Dylan declared as his cock began slithering inside her virgin asshole.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Eve cursed, saying that word too for the first time.

“Relax, honey,” Dylan said, caressing her back. “I’m half in.”

“Only half?” She gasped. “I can’t take much more of your big cock Daddy.” Oddly, swearing made her feel like she was controlling the situation, not the devil.

“You must, or forever be destined to the fiery walls of Hell,” he declared, continuing his slow progression.

“Okaaaaaaay,” she whimpered, her Daddy’s cock going much deeper than her mom’s fingers.

Lilly was watching with jealousy and lust, her own hand going to her pussy.

“Daddy, God, Jesus, fuck, Christ,” Eve babbled, attempting to pray or plead for some brief reprieve from the pain in her ass.

“Almost all in,” Dylan grunted, her tightness unlike any other he could recall, and he had fucked a lot of girls’ asses, many times being the first one to penetrate the forbidden back door.

“Kkkkkkkkkk,” Eve said, through gritted teeth, as she held onto the desk.

“God is in you,” Lilly said, rubbing her daughter’s back, even as she slyly touched herself.

“Oh Godddddd,” Eve whimpered, the pain not fading at all, as her inner core burned.

“You did it,” he said, “you took all my cock in your virgin asshole.”

Her Daddy’s words were odd, yet she felt a rush of accomplishment at taking all his cock inside her, knowing that this was all necessary to end the devil’s hold on her.

“Now relax, and get accustomed to The Lord’s sword buried inside you. Memorize in your head, this feeling of utter submission, utter obedience,” he said.

Suddenly the vibrating started again. “Nooooo, Daddy, he’s back.”

“You must demand I fuck your ass, pound you hard, fuck the hell out of you,” her father demanded. “Only through such a declaration, will this determined devil go away.”

Delirious, her vagina burning, her ass finally only a dull pain, she begged, “Oh Daddy, fuck my ass, fuck it until that evil bastard is out of me.”

The buzzing instantly stopped as her dad began thrusting in and out of her ass.

“Oh God, fuck it, Dadddddy,” she whimpered in pain and yet euphoria as the buzzing ended.

“Do you love The Lord’s cock in your ass?” Dylan asked, as he slid in and out of her.

“Oh yes, God, it fills me so full. It hurts, it burns, yet it feels goodddddddd,” the bewildered daughter declared, the pleasure-pain principle at play.

Dylan could feel his balls already starting to boil, his daughter’s nasty tongue and super tight ass milking him for all he was worth.

Lilly, whispered in her daughter’s ear, “You will make The Lord a great seed bucket, make your future husband a great seed bucket,” playing on the words ‘cum bucket’.

“Oh yes, I want to be the best seed bucket,” Eve responded, drawn completely into the sin she was involuntarily becoming a part of.

“You want to be Daddy’s seed bucket?” Dylan asked.

“Yes, Daddy,” she mindlessly agreed, the pain beginning to fade away, “I want to be your seed bucket, anything to keep the devil away.”

His daughter’s nasty tongue, her incredible tight ass, had him ready to erupt his fifth load of the day a couple of minutes later. “Do you want Daddy’s cum?”

“Yes, Daddy, please fill my ass with our saviour’s seed,” she begged, wanting to feel his seed shoot inside her, to protect her from the sin corroding her moral fibre.

“Here it comes, my seed bucket, my beautiful angel,” he grunted, before shooting his load deep in his daughter’s ass. “Fuuuuuuck, take my seed my cum bucket.”

“Yes, Daddy, save me, fill my asshole with your cum, make me a servant of God through your big dick,” she begged, the feeling of his cock in her ass no longer hurting, but creating weird feelings of pleasure inside her.

Dylan stayed in her ass, enjoying the moment, before finally pulling out.

Eve lied bent over her Dad’s desk, feeling exhausted, yet confused. She asked, suddenly feeling guilty, maybe the devil was still controlling her, “Daddy, I think I’m still in trouble. Near the end I really began to enjoy that.”

“You enjoyed my cock in your ass?” He asked bluntly.

“Yes, Daddy, it began feeling really good,” she admitted.

“What did?” he asked, wanting her to say the dirty words again.

“Having your cock in my ass, moving in and out so fast, made me start feeling feelings similar to the teasing temptations of the devil in my vagina,” she admitted.

“You have a cunt dear,” he corrected, before adding, “and I want you to refer to my cock always as big. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Daddy, your big cock really made me feel good,” she reworded.

“That’s because the expulsion is almost complete,” he said. “Your mother loves my cock in her ass. Good seed buckets love having a cock in their mouth, a cock in their ass and a cock in their cunt.”

“Not all at once?” Eve asked.

“Some seed buckets need more to stay true to their faith. But no, usually not all at once,” he smiled.

“Now put your panties back on and go enjoy the last few songs of the dance,” he ordered, “your mother and I have got to prepare for the final extraction.”

“Are you going to fuck my cunt next, Daddy?” She asked, feeling like a good Christian woman.

“Yes, I am, baby, I’m going to fill that cunt with The Lord’s seed, but it must be before midnight, so be here exactly at eleven,” he instructed.

“I can’t wait Daddy, I want you to fuck the hell out of me. I want your seed to forever extinguish the sin inside me,” Eve said, feeling so liberated being so blunt with her father.

“I can’t wait to fuck your cunt too, baby,” he smiled. “Now go, and remember this is a secret between just you, me, your mother and The Lord.”

“Of course, Daddy,” she nodded, finally feeling good about herself, even as she felt her Daddy’s seed leak out of her ass and into her panties.

Once she was back at the dance, her excitement faded instantly. She remembered that Katie wanted to meet her at 10:30 in the sanctuary She stopped, thinking she should go tell her father when Beth grabbed her, “Where have you been?”

“With Daddy,” she whispered.

“Are you cured?” Beth asked.

“Almost,” Eve admitted.

“Great,” Beth said, excitedly. “If you need another taste of my juice for protection let me know.”

Eve smiled, “I’m beginning to think you enjoyed it.”

“It was heavenly,” Beth winked. “Plus, I know you enjoyed it.”

Eve suddenly felt a hunger to indeed taste her again, but wasn’t sure if that was her own feelings, or the devil tempting her again. She wanted to tell Beth about Katie and her predicament, but to protect Beth from the potential blackmail, she decided she would keep it to herself.

Eve joined her friends and danced for a few songs, finally not feeling completely under the curse of the devil. That said, there was still an undeniable tease inside her cunt when she danced, the egg inside her moving around with each step.

Looking at the clock, it was 10:35 and she realized she was late. She said she was going to the washroom to her small group of friends and then slyly went to the sanctuary. Once inside, Katie said, annoyed, “you’re late.”

“Let’s talk about this,” Eve began, noticing she was at her father’s podium.

“Sure,” Katie agreed, before adding, “either get over here and eat my pussy like the slutty lesbo you are, or I send this video to some adult web site and expose the Minister’s daughter as a Christian fraud.”

“Please, Katie, be reasonable,” Eve pleaded, not moving towards her. “This is a place of worship.”

Katie wanted to say she had worshipped her father’s cock extensively in this shrine of The Lord, yet decided that was a secret to keep to herself for now. Instead, she quipped, “and you’re going to worship my cunt. Now get over here.”

Deciding it was easier to comply then negotiate with this diva bitch, and realizing she only had twenty minutes until meeting her father for the final stage of tonight’s exorcism, she went to the annoying cheerleader.

“Good girl,” Katie smiled, moving to the carpeted floor and spreading her pantyhose clad legs, dressed as always, in her cheerleader’s outfit.

Reaching her, Eve noticed that Katie had cut a hole where her cunt was and she wasn’t wearing any panties. She too was completely shaved.

“Stop staring like the lesbo you are and get to eating,” Katie demanded, “I want to get back to the party.”

Reluctantly, although a small part of her was curious what Katie would taste like, she dropped to her knees, crawled between her legs and buried her face in the already slightly wet cunt.

“Hmmmm,” Katie moaned, “I knew you were not the prude you play at school.” After a few minutes of licking, Katie finally spoke, “You have eaten pussy, haven’t you?”

Eve ignored the question, focusing on getting the sinful slut off, although she had to admit the cheerleader’s cunt had an even sweeter taste than Beth’s or her mom’s.

“Answer me, slut,” Katie demanded.

Just wanting to get this over with, yet also wanting to shock the bitch, she replied, “Yes, I love eating cunt,”

“Oh, the ‘c’ word, you really are full of surprisesssss,” Katie moaned, as Eve took her swollen clit in-between her lips.

Eve continued licking and sucking, sensing Katie was close and decided to continue shocking the bitch. As Katie grabbed Eve’s head and held it firmly on her cunt, Eve sucked on Katie’s clit hard and then slid her finger into the bitch’s ass.

“Fuuuuuuuck, you biiiiitch,” Katie screamed, as the anal simulation triggered her orgasm.

Eve lapped up the pussy juice eagerly, a taste she had definitely become quite accustomed to on this strange Halloween.

Once her orgasm was done, Katie demanded, “Get your finger out of my ass.”

Eve, suddenly defiant, retorted, “You sure, you seemed to like it?”

“Fuck you,” Katie snapped back.

“Why, are you out of guys at school and college?” Eve snapped right back, feeling good about standing up for herself.

“Be careful, or this video goes viral,” Katie threatened, surprised by the nerd’s spunk.

Suddenly Katie’s phone rang. She answered it. “What? Yes, I’ll be right there.” Hanging up, she said, “This isn’t over.”

Eve wanted to say something witty back, but the egg inside her started vibrating again. “Fuuck,” she cursed, as Katie walked away.

“And you’re a Minister’s daughter,” Katie said sarcastically.

Eve lied on the ground, her hand beginning to move to her cunt, when it stopped. She weakly looked at her watch. It was three minutes to eleven. She got up and scurried out the side door that led directly to her father’s office. Once inside, she asked, “Is it time?”

Dylan was on the couch, his wife licking his balls, when she entered. “Almost, my dear. Come here and get daddy’s cock ready for your final insertion.”

“Didn’t you mean big cock, Daddy?” she smiled.

“That I did,” he laughed.

Eve went to the couch, and pointed out, looking at his soft cock, “It doesn’t look ready,”

“It’s not. You must resurrect it first with that pretty mouth of yours. It has had a long day trying to protect you,” her father said.

Eve leaned forward, as her mother kept sucking on his balls, and took his soft cock in her mouth. It was much smaller like this, and she ambitiously tried to take all of it in her mouth. She gagged briefly, but did it.

“Good, girl,” he groaned, “your cocksucking skills are already very advanced for a beginner.”

Taking the cock out of her mouth, she absurdly said, “I want to be a great cocksucker for The Lord,” before returning to sucking her father’s cock.

Feeling it grow in her mouth was a new feeling and she couldn’t help but feel powerful as it grew in-between her lips. In a very short time, her dad’s cock went from soft to hard and grew to its massive size. Once erect, she asked, “Are you going to fuck the hell out of me, Daddy?”

Dylan smiled, the words coming from his daughter were sweet and sincere and not like some whore who indeed wanted to get fucked hard. “Yes, baby, it’s time to extract the last remnants of the devil and replace him with The Lord.”

“Awesome,” Eve said, stroking her daddy’s big cock.

“First let’s see those tits of yours again,” he ordered, “as we must not be ashamed of our nudity as it was presented in Genesis 2:25.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Eve agreed, standing up and beginning to take off her costume. “But isn’t that scripture about a man and his wife?”

“Yes, honey, good job,” Dylan said, “but until you have a husband, I am your man and protector.”

“Of course, Daddy,” she nodded, as her costume dropped to the floor.

“The Lord was very generous in creating your body, my dear,” he said approvingly, “just like he was for your mother.”

“Mom’s are bigger,” Eve pointed out.

“But you are not done growing,” he pointed out. “take off your panties, but leave on your thigh high stockings.”

“Okay, Daddy,” she nodded, feeling the end of her journey to the Lord was moments away.

“Now to finish the extradition, I must put a crucifix in both your mouth and your ass, to kill the evil inside you,” Dylan said.

“Okay,” Eve said nervously, still standing.

“Lay on your back honey, so Mommy can finally take out the Devil’s egg,” he instructed.

She obeyed as always and watched as her mom moved between her legs, put her fingers inside Eve’s very wet cunt and pulled out the egg. Eve let out an involuntary moan as the fingers inside her felt good.

Dylan came back with two crucifixes and slowly slid the first one inside his daughter’s ass.

“Aaaaah,” Eve whimpered, as a blunt pain returned.

“Just relax and let your body transcend to another plane. One where it’s just you and God, one where your obedience and strength are rewarded with the ultimate pleasure he can give you,” he said, as he put the second crucifix in her mouth. “Now don’t let that out of your mouth until I tell you to.”

She nodded and watched with anticipation as her father moved between her legs.

His cock at his daughter’s pussy entrance, he repeated the words again, “Devil be gone, glory of God shine through,” as he slid his cock inside his virgin daughter.

“Ooooooooooh,” she moaned, as her daddy filled her cunt.

As all nine inches filled his daughter, he repeated, “Devil be gone, glory of God shine through.”

He began slowly fucking her, as he repeated the chant with every deep stroke.

Eve’s moans increased, as the day of temptation had kept her on the brink all day, she knew she wasn’t going to be able to resist the temptation much longer. This pleasure was unlike any she had ever felt, a constant joy that increased with each thrust of her Daddy’s big cock. She tried talking through the crucifix, “Daddy, Daddy, can I….”

Dylan knew the question and decided to finally let her have the much delayed orgasm, “Yes, my dear, the devil will be expunged from you when you reach orgasm from being fucked by The Lord.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, hearing the words she had been dying to hear.

Taking the crucifix out of her mouth, he said, “What do you want, my dear?”

“To come,” she moaned, her body meeting his strokes.

“It’s time you take control of your fate, Eve,” he said, pulling out.

“Nooooo, shove that big cock in my cuuuuuunt, Daddy,” she pleaded, feeling empty instantly.

He moved beside her, sat down and instructed, “Ride my cock, bring yourself to the heavens.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she eagerly obeyed, standing up, turning around and straddling her father, all the while the crucifix remained in her ass.

She lowered herself on his cock and moaned, “Oh God, I love your big cock, Daddy. I want to marry a man with a cock like yours.”

As she bounced up and down on his cock, her massive tits bouncing like volleyballs, he groaned, “I’ll be your man until you find one, sweetheart.”

“You mean?” she began.

“Yes, my big cock will be at your disposal whenever you are being tempted,” he offered ever so generously.

“Oh, I love you, Daddy,” she said, leaning forward and kissing him on the lips.

After the brief kiss, she leaned back up, put her hands on his chest and rode him. “Oh God, Daddy, my cunt feels so good.”

“The Lord is allowing you to become a woman. A woman who serves The Lord without hesitation and sacrifices her mouth, pussy and ass to him,” he said.

“Yes, Daddy, my cocksucking mouth, my tight cunt and my firm ass are all for you and the Lord,” she declared, her breathing beginning to be erratic.

“Come, for The Lord,” Dylan ordered, his own orgasm close.

“Yes, Daddy, so close, oh God, oh God, oh, Jesus, God, Jesus fucking Chriiiiiiiist,” Eve screamed as her orgasm hit her and she collapsed on her father, her tits smashing his face.

The orgasm was intense and she heard angels singing as the pleasure cascaded through her with such intensity she thought she may pass out from joy.

“The devil is gone,” Dylan declared, as he bucked his ass up and fucked his daughter as she continued to orgasm.

“Do you want The Lord’s seed?” Dylan asked.

“God, yes, Daddy, fill my cunt with The Lord’s seed,” she weakly agreed, her body spent.

“Aaaaah,” Dylan grunted, a few strokes later as he deposited a third load in his daughter, creating the ultimate trifecta in three hours.

“Daddy’s coming in me, Mommy,” Eve said.

Lilly said, “And he will whenever you want him to or when he feels he needs to protect you.”

“Yes, Mommy,” Eve weakly nodded.

Dylan rolled her off him, his leg cramping and said, “Lilly, clean up your daughter.”

Lilly nodded, and crawled between her daughter’s legs.

Eve watched weakly as her Mom moved between her legs and began fucking her ass with the crucifix.

Dylan explained, “A mother and daughter must always be willing to share themselves with each other to always remain close.”

“So I can eat Mommy’s cunt whenever I want?” Eve asked, excited at this news.

“Consider it part of your daily routine. You will always obey your mother without hesitation as you do me, is that clear?”

“Yes, Dadddddddy,” Eve moaned, as her mom began licking her pussy, while simultaneously fucking her ass with the crucifix.

As Lilly licked her daughter’s pussy, she quoted the Bible, “Colossians 3:20: Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.”

Eve moaned, as both her holes her pleasured, “Oh yes Mommy, I will always obey you.”

The mother-daughter act continued for minutes while Dylan watched. Eventually, his well-used cock began to unfathomable rise once last time, as seeing the fruition of his greatest seduction was the ultimate euphoria.

Eve’s breathing increased and her second orgasm exploded out of her, creating a gush of her pussy juice to hit her mom in the face as she screamed, “Yesssss, Mommmmy!”

Lilly hungrily lapped her daughter’s juices.

Dylan’s cock hard again, watching the two women he loved in the heat of passion, he moved his cock to his daughter’s mouth, and said, “Does my baby girl want daddy’s cock?”

Eve answered the best way she knew how, she leaned forward and took his cock back in her mouth.