Letter From Lola

Hi Baby, so I have been thinking about this series of scenarios and want to share them with you. I am sure that you will be glad to see me after over a month of celibacy. I know I will be very excited to see you. I may not wear underwear to pick you up from the airport. I think I will wear something low cut so that you can see just a hint of cleavage. Maybe a skirt so that I am all the more accessible to you and your hands. I will be in my car just outside so that I don’t have to go to the parkade (really) and my darling Bunny will come out the door with his crushing amount of luggage on a luggage cart so that his hands are free to give me a sweet hug and luscious kiss.

After we have loaded it into the trunk and squeezed the lid shut we pile in and neck for a few more minutes in the privacy of the car. Your lips are so soft and I get this overwhelming feeling of pleasure. It is almost too much to be able to touch you after this long. I can feel my pussy flooding with the sheer touch of your skin on mine. I want you so badly but the airport traffic official keeps waving that orange flashlight to move us along and so we must depart.

Somehow we manage to make it to the hotel I have made reservations at with very few near death experiences. I can’t keep my hands away from you during the drive and kiss you at every opportunity. It is so very delicious. I run my hand down your chest and to your cock. It is thickening with my touch and keeps getting stiffer as I rub it softly through your pants. I can feel the heat emanating from it as you moan a bit. Your hands have freed my nipples from my top and they are jutting out in readiness for sucking. The cooler air is making them hard as rocks.

They get even harder when you gently lick them and leave them wet and aching for more. I have my legs spread as wide as possible given the fact that I am driving and am treated to the sensation of your fingers gently moving up my thighs to touch my smoothly shaved pussy. I am dripping wet and catch my breath abruptly when your fingers come in contact with my swollen lips. It is like an electric shock that anything could feel so good. It is like when you first touched me and I can barely keep my eyes open much less concentrate on my driving. There is no way that I want you to stop though. I just unconsciously hold your cock firmly and can feel the front of your jeans dampen with pre-cum. I have to go in to get the key because your erection is far too apparent for dealing with the public. Luckily we can drive the car very close to the door to the elevator that takes us to the 9th floor. As I turn the key in the lock we are greeted with the sight of an extremely scantily clad bombshell holding a tray of drinks

She is very busty and has a corset on that doesn’t quite cover her nipples. Her skirt is so short you can see her bald pussy peeking out. She has fish net stockings on (which I forgot to draw) that are held up with a garter belt. Her hips are ample and her ass round and full. Her only purpose for the night is to make us cum again and again. She is our fuck toy to do whatever we want to.

It helps that she is a nymphomaniac and enjoys sex in all its forms so much that she can’t go a day without. In fact her cunt is so wet that she is dripping down her leg already with anticipation of our sex fest.

Behind her, sitting on the edge of the hot tub is a man that is fully naked. He is a nondescript young guy with a hard on. He seems to be of the snowboarder genre but doesn’t talk much. At the moment he is moaning as he fucks his hand with his very lubricated cock. It isn’t as big as yours but is still thick and so very hard.

He is watching a tv intently and as our eyes go to the screen we see a young college girl in a very short skirt (pulled up to her waist) and tube top (pulled down just below her aereolas) bent over a fully clothed man in a chair. The man is apparently a teacher. They are mostly hidden behind his desk as the class full of students carry on with their work. The girl is at first being very subtle and almost surreptitiously unzipping the man’s pants to release a very hard mammoth cock. Her eyes widen as she sees the challenge in front of her but she bravely opens her mouth and tentatively licks the length of his penis with a wide flat tongue. Then hardening her tongue she rubs the point of it all around the head and back down again. She lifts his balls out of his pants gently and starts to lather them softly with her tongue.

As you and I watch this very hot scene I notice that the bombshell has been keeping pace with the film and doing the same things to you as the girl in the movie does to her teacher. I start to finger myself watching your cock jutting out from your jeans getting sucked very lasciviously by this sexy woman on her knees in front of you.

I look back at the movie, as do you, to see that the girl has been becoming less and less concerned about concealing her activities and is now moaning as she franticly bobs her head up and down on the teachers thick member. The teacher has his head thrown back and is also moaning and saying “Yeah -mmm- such a good little cocksucker you are. -mmmm- Fuck- yeah- suck it baby suck it all down -take it all. -mmm-your mouth is so hot- so wet –mmmm-“The class full of students is getting restless and we see a few shots of them starting to undress or rub themselves.

One guy is so excited already that he has gotten on his knees behind the blowjob girl and has started working his tool into the girl’s obviously very tight and very wet cunt. This makes her moan even more as she continues to lick and rub the cock and balls in her mouth. She briefly pulls out her huge breasts entirely from the tube top to rub them and wrap them around her teacher’s dick in order to tit fuck him. He likes the sight of this and pinches her nipples until they are very pink and hard.He grabs her hair and is so horny that he pushes her head down on his cock like it was a pussy and starts to fuck her mouth hard.

The guy behind her responds in kind and they are both fucking her hard for all they’re worth. The rest of the class has also begun a mass orgy and they are all madly fucking and humping on their desktops as well as the floor and against the wall. Back at the teacher’s desk the action is very intense. The girl is cumming hard and is moaning very vocally around the cock that is fucking her throat. Two other guys have come up to masturbate while watching the slutty girl get fucked so hard by two cocks. The guy behind her strokes in and out faster and faster until he pulls out to cum all over her little pink asshole.

The teacher grabs her head with both hands now and holds it down and his balls tighten as he shoots directly down her throat. big spurts come dribbling back up through her mouth. The other two masturbaters are also quickly serviced with this cum filled mouth. She takes them one by one- jerking one while she sucks the other. As they finish they cum all over her tits in big globs.

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All this on screen sexiness has been intensified by being able to watch our girl worshiping your cock. I am still touching you, rubbing your ass and licking and biting your nipples as you are getting this amazing blowjob. She is suckling on it as though it were going to feed her (which it will) She has your pants off by now and is rubbing her tits against your legs. She plays with her pussy with one hand and strokes your balls with the other. You are so excited and so close to cumming. I can tell by your tight breath and your stiff muscles. Its as though every part of your body is erect and all focussed on this central part of the body that is your painfully hard throbbing fuck tool.

I am still rubbing your cheeks and now get on my knees too to help with my mouth. I take your balls in my mouth one by one sucking them gently in and rolling them around inside then both at once. I begin to lick the base of your shaft as the girl is busy with the head and then we both start licking up and down the length. We also kiss and play with each others tongues but then resume fucking your cock with both of our mouths. The sight of two girls on your dick is enough to put you over the edge. Just before you cum you are moaning so loudly that I can feel the vibrations of your voice on my tongue. You start shooting right into the girl’s mouth-involuntarily jerking your cock down her throat which is wide open for you. Your cum covers your penis and the girl and I lick it up.

The room is full of the smell of sex as the heat rises from our four bodies. I kiss you as the girl finishes undressing you. You are exhausted from your ejaculatory efforts and need to relax in the hot tub. The guy beckons you over and you go to sit in the hot swirling water facing me and the girl. The guy sits on the edge of the tub behind you and begins to massage your neck and shoulders.

I am still dressed but the girl is there to facilitate my nudity. She starts to kiss me and run her hands up and down the sides of my body. I respond to her touch and am very turned on by now from all the sex so far. My whole body is aching for an orgasm and I am already pushing my cunt against her, humping her leg. She runs her fingers through my hair and then lifts it out of the way as she nibbles and sucks on my ear very softly. My top is being unbuttoned at the same time and I feel my breasts being cupped and lifted halfway out of my shelf bra. She works her way down my throat to my tits with her mouth and gently licks my nipples as she cups and lifts the whole of my tits in her hands- massaging them tenderly. She licks and suckles and I bend my head down and join her with my mouth, sharing our tongues on my nipple.

This is making my nipples so wet and hard. They are burning with the need for more. My back is arched to offer my tits up as much as I can. With my shoulders back, I slip my top to the floor and at that she frees a hand from my jutting bust to push my skirt down .It falls to my ankles. I grab her slutty ass and pull her towards me as I grind into her thigh with my slippery pussy. I am sucking madly on her protruding breasts and she has her head flung back. I lift her skirt (such as it is) and feel her full creamy ass under my hands. I part her cheeks, pour some lube on and and slide my hand up and down her crack pulling her closer still to me. My finger finds her ass bud and I push against it making her moan and hunch her own pelvis against my hip. As far as she comes forward to slide her cuntlips up and down me, she pushes her ass back to meet my fingers at her anal entrance. She lubes my ass and proceeds to do the same thing to me and soon we are both clutching each other’s ass cheeks, spreading them wide for you and the guy to see as we massage each other’s hot crevices while mashing our pussies together, rubbing clitoris on clitoris. The gushing slippery sounds are only drowned out by our urgent whimpers and panting The girl’s breathing becomes very erratic and she is making hard jerky movements with her hips and is pulling my clit into her pussy as she fucks hard against me. She pants and begs for me to for me to “fuck…unnggh… my ass… unnggh.. now ..unngghh now!!”

I slide two fingers into her ass and she is taut with excitement. I can feel the contractions of her pussy start though the membrane between her ass and her cunt. I have to feel it closer and shove two fingers of my other hand into her cunt. She is abandoning any propriety she ever had with her wild thrashing as she cums hard on my fingers fucking her two holes. She is grunting out “Fuck me…Fuck me…uunngh…baby fuck me” When her orgasm subsides into whimpers I carefully extricate my hands and she leads me to a towel and pillows spread out in front of you guys by the jacuzzi.

She gently lays me down for a serious lick session. I am overheated like crazy but manage to calm down enough to allow her to start slowly by again giving attention to my heaving cleavage. She takes as much of one in her mouth as she can before turning to the other and doing the same. My tits are slick with her saliva and my nipples are intensely sensitive and hard in the cool air. She doesn’t think they are slick enough though, and pours lube all over them. I am moaning as she massages and slides her hands up and down my torso, tweaking and rubbing my nipples. Still slipping her hands all over me she moves her head to my mound. She kisses and licks the upper v without going anywhere near my clitoris. She softly kisses the outer lips by hardly touching them but her hot breath is driving me mad. With her tongue relaxed and flat she slowly licks me where my inner leg meets my outer labia.

I am pushing my cunt up now as I get so hot I can barely stand it. She does not allow me more access to her tongue but moves slightly away- teasing me further. She has thoroughly soaked one side of my outer labia and moves to the other side. She takes the puffy lips wholly in her mouth one by one and runs her tongue up and down the exterior sides and then the interior sides. My cunt is so engorged at this point she can barely fit the lips in her mouth and my clit is so erect that it is increasingly difficult for her to avoid it protruding from the top of my snatch. after what seems an eternity she pulls her mouth away a little, stiffens her tongue and again barely touching me at all runs her tongue up the middle of my slit. She does this about four times and each time I get a heated shudder of frustration and anticipation. The fifth time, she takes her hands and spreads my pussy as wide as she can.

My clitoris is on fire as she proceeds to run her tongue again from vag to clit very slowly and barely touching with a semi hard tongue. Then when it is almost more than I can bear, she relaxes her tongue and flatly licks up again, this time pushing a bit. I moan loudly-from relief and tension and because my body wants that tongue so badly I would beg for it. She repeats this action very slowly and each time she pushes down a bit more with her head until the pressure and rapidity are just right. I am really moaning and spreading my legs as far as I can. It feels so fucking good to have this brazen whore licking my pussy.

She allows me to hold my cuntlips open as she pulls my ass cheeks apart and returns one hand to my lubed up crack. There are several vibrators within arm’s reach of her and she grabs a rather wide short one with her other hand. Turning the vibrator on to a medium setting she places it at the mouth of my pussy. It is very thick and needs to be worked in slowly even though my cunt is dripping wet. Now there is attention being paid to my entire genital region- it is the most amazing feeling. It is like the rest of my body doesn’t exist.

I love having her finger rhythmically pushing ever so slightly into my ass-having her fuck my cunt with that broad vibrating dick (now turned on high) and licking my clitoris sooo softly at the same time. Every muscle in my body is tensed and I am so ready. At this point she rolls her tongue into a tube and begins to use it as a tiny vagina to fuck my extremely erect clitoris. In and out. I want to entirely consume her into my cunt and push her head down into my pussy and beg her to “suck on my clitoris -suck it hard and fuck me harder -in both of my holes. I need it – hard – fuck my tight ass – pound my cunt -hard- mmmm- sooo good-such a great little cuntlicker- keep sucking baby-suck! Yeah- drill that finger in – as far as you can- up my ass baby-mmmm- so good -now faster-yeah- ram it uunngh, fuck- baby, I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming so fucking hard- uuuunnngghh fuck uuunnnghhh The pumping grinding licking and fucking of my whole cunt and ass is too fucking much and I start uncontrollably exploding in waves of contractions that go on and on. I am jerking and spasming and can barely keep her attached to my cunt. It is sooo good and seems to last forever but it does finally subside and I am able to see again. I am greeted with the sight of the both of you guys sitting on the edge of the hot tub jerking your extremely stiff cocks.